Bound By Tape - DVD
46 Minutes, Ten Models

Statuesque beauty Summer Taylor turns Lena Shelby into her red duct-taped, plastic-wrapped and gagged plaything!

A friendly intervention focused on Monique Alexander's exercise obsession turns weird when the luscious blonde's wrapped to a bench and tape-gagged!

Windings of duct tape seal the deal for an indignant Gia Mancini, who's stuffed in a sleeping bag, where she writhes energetically and squeals through her tape gag!

Barefoot, bare=breasted, gagged and wrapped, Heather Harper resigns herself to captivity after her furious struggles fail to burst her bonds!

Plastic mixed with med-wrap forces tape-gagged Ginger Lee into a squirming ball confined to a mattress!

White med=wrap encases and gags raven-haired Laura Lee, while her fair-haired, black-wrapped girlfriend Ami Emerson struggles next to her!

A shadowy garage becomes the prison for wide-eyed and close- mouthed Miko Sinz, pinned to a wooden post with multiple layers of plastic and med-wrap!

Mummified and silenced by blue med-wrap, Mia Carroll wriggles futilely while angrily eyeing the captors responsible for her plight!

So colorful, so wrapped up, so helpless: Ryder Skye's a bare-breasted Christmas present that Erin Avery knows how to enjoy!

ID #: WR-40
Price: $30.00