Slumber Party Peril - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

When a vengeful outsider crashes their slumber party, innocent starlets Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) and Bree Daniels experience a night of terror they'll never forget! First Bree's forced to kneel with a rope linking her bound wrists and ankles; the tape-gagged blonde moans as an intimidated Cali's ordered to fondle her exposed breasts! Before Bree's ordeal ends, she feels the shameful invasion of a crotch-rope!

Next, Cali's breasts are bared and bound and the ball-gagged little brunette squirms awkwardly in thigh to ankle restraint as the fearful Bree's toes caress her nipples! Her rage unsated by thoroughly humiliating Bree and Cali, their tormentor leaves only after ruthlessly hogtying the girls and taping their mouths! Nearly exhausted, the stripped and helpless prisoners roll on the floor as they make futile attempts to loosen each other's bonds!

Now it's Gisella's turn to struggle in bondage! Barefoot and casual in T-shirt and shorts, tape-gagged Gisella rolls on a mattress while restrained in a lotus-tie!

Her frilly pink top and denim shorts tell us that Charlie Royce is ready for some outdoor fun, but Charlie's staying home today: gagged with self-adhesive wrap and hobbled by rope between her wrists and ankles, the leggy lovely writhes wide- eyed and fearful on the floor!

How did she get there? Will anyone find her? Forlorn naked captive Edanya has no easy answers as she strains against the myriad ropes immobilizing her to the railing of an abandoned house! Even if there were any rescuers within earshot, Edanya can barely project even a few decibels past the cloth stuffing held in her mouth by a colorful scarf!

Addicted to television, Natasha Warner can't be bothered to listen to room- mate Gisella Moreno, so a disgusted Gisella forces Natasha to pay attention by hogtying and tape-gagging the shocked girl!

ID #: FB-270
Price: $25.00