Tape Bound, Volume 11 - DVD
42 Minutes, Six Models

Mean girls prevail when Jenni Czech and Nikki Nefarious surprise Petula Anton as she relaxes at home! Before she knows what hit her, Petula's bound and silenced with tape, then her humiliation's completed when her captors expose and fondle her breasts!

Things just keep getting worse for buxom babe Izzabella Blu: tapebound, gagged and hogtied on the dining table, then her top's yanked out of the way so her beckoning breasts can be manually examined by Dr. Feelgood!

The score's Duct Tape 1, Rebecca Blue 0 when the wide-eyed blonde sprite's double-teamed and taped into a squirming, squealing ball on the living-room floor!

Seized and overpowered when they return home, hard-working restaurant hostesses Ashlyn Jameson and Bobbi Bentley writhe back-to-back on the floor in irresistible tape bondage, their lips sealed!

5-1 captive Evelin Rain struggles and whimpers energetically but fails to dislodge the strips of bright yellow tape that cover her mouth and restrain her feet, ankles, thighs, wrists, arms and chest!

ID #: TB-11
Price: $25.00