Captured Costume Girls - DVD
40 Minutes, Seven Models

Burning with envy of wealthy employer Bobbi Bentley, underpaid maid Ashlyn Jameson joined a conspiracy to grab the expensively-gowned socialite! While the trussed and tape-gagged Bobbi sat in silent fear, Ashlyn taunted and toyed with her, but the bitter girl's dream of wealth evaporated when she was overpowered and left to squirm gagged and bound on the floor!

Curvy sprite Layla Rose stayed in shape by working out every day, but her exercise regime turned scary when a sinister visitor taped her mouth and roped her into a hogtie that resisted all of Layla's efforts to escape!

An ominous fate awaited good witch Shazia Sahari, who strained unsuccessfully against the magical ropes encircling her gowned body and pleaded for rescue despite the gag cleaving her lips!

Nightmarish masked creatures assailed helpless military prisoners Lena Shelby and Sue Diamond after binding them to wooden posts and tape- gagging them! Before their ordeal ended, the sexy servicewomen's uniforms were disheveled and their breasts exposed!

Twisting apprehensively against the rope framework that restrained her, ball- gagged and bare-breasted barmaid Jana Cova added to her own misery by drooling copiously!

ID #: CB-36
Price: $30.00