Nikki Nefarious Bondage Magazine #2 - DVD
49 Minutes, Four Models

Irrepressible Nikki returns with her hands full of rope, which she skillfully applies to the inviting bodies of four favorite models!

Nikki's so engrossed in reading a provocatively-titled book that she barely registers the presence of ball-gagged and ball-tied Karlie Montana wriggling in her bra and panties on a bench outdoors! When Karlie's indignant squeals finally catch her attention, Nikki thoughtfully doubles up on the ropework before abandoning the hapless squirmer!

Curled up on her bed in colorful lingerie, Celeste Star has a simple request for Nikki: Tie me up in a way I've never been tied before! The imaginative rope-mistress responds by devising a reverse spread- eagle that stretches Celeste's legs wide to her bed's wooden head-frame while she lies back with her hands tied above her head to the foot-rail. After Celeste's secured and cleave-gagged, Nikki produces a surprise in the form of a vibrator strategically positioned and buzzing between the bound girl's legs

Her body toned and strengthened by exercise, Erika Jordan is skeptical when Nikki claims that she can completely immobilize her with one single rope! Within a few minutes of swiftly-spun rope-craft, however, Erika becomes a believer! A striking sight as she lies ball-gagged on the floor in a bright yellow bikini, the busty Ms. Jordan tests the bondage with all her strength but her absolute subjugation by Nikki's entanglement is never in question!

Nikki introduces a classic DID tale featuring wide-eyed Marlena Mercurio, who's surprised in her bedroom and subjected to rigorous restraint by a formidable network of sinister black rope! Bare-breasted Marlena courageously confronts her predicament but all her twisting and thrashing fails to loosen her bonds, while her moans are muffled by strands of the same rope that holds her in captivity!

Karlie Montana just can't catch a break! Imprisoned in a bleak garage, the lithe brunette balances on one foot with the other drawn up and tied to a wooden post. Her arms roped behind her back and linked to an overhead support, cleave-gagged Karlie angrily resists the diabolical bondage that exposes her breasts and pussy but can't prevent nasty Nikki from rendering her barefoot by stealing her stylish pumps!

ID #: NN-2
Price: $30.00