Grab And Bind: Chloe Amour: Bitchy Boss In Bondage - DVD
45 Minutes, One Model

Trophy girlfriend Chloe Amour's bossy behavior sparks an employee rebellion that adjusts her attitude with nudity and bondage!

It's a familiar situation: Infatuated boss inflicts generation-younger squeeze on long-suffering employees. But the hard-working couple don't suffer long on this occasion! After Chloe orders them around once too often, they grab the astonished girl and rope her to an office chair. The office-workers then team up to stifle Chloe's angry protests by stuffing cloth in her mouth and securing it with duct tape! After they go on a well-deserved break, Chloe spins indignantly in the chair, then raises her bound bare feet onto a table in a futile attempt to grab a pair of scissors. When her male captor returns, Chloe lashes out and kicks him, earning herself more drastic humiliation.

Chloe's used to leading horny guys around by their noses, but now she's the one being tugged around! Her hands bound behind her and still tape- gagged, a naked Chloe's to follow her former kicking target as he leads her through the backyard by a rope-leash tied around her waist. Chloe's subjugation continues after she's pinned to a bench under a tree, her legs pulled open by ropes at her ankles and thighs for maximum pussy exposure!

The spread-leg humiliation's not over yet for Chloe, who now regrets clashing with the resourceful employees. Her ankles lashed separately to the arms of a curved wooden chair and hands tied above her head, Chloe writhes and moans through a cleave-gag as she sits in naked vulnerability!

When her boyfriend-boss showed Chloe around the premises, she was especially impressed by the swimming pool provided for his employees' recreational interludes. How could Chloe have imagined that she'd be the focus of one rogue employee's outburst of recreational creativity? But there she is, that lithe naked body lying hogtied on the diving board, the mouth that once confidently issued her stinging commands now sealed with white tape! Chloe's desperate struggles fail to loosen the ropework, but at least she avoids going for a swim!

All good things must come to an end, so after venting their anger on misguided Chloe, the pissed-off workers abandon their office. Left behind on the floor is a sadder and hopefully wiser Chloe, whose body has been freed of ropes but subdued instead by duct tape circling her wrists, ankles, knees, waist and chest! The ubiquitous tape also seals her lips and secures a pair of crudely-lettered signs to her body that function as letters of resignation by fed-up employees. As always, Chloe's a game struggler who rolls vigorously about, but she'll have to wait for her man to return before she'll be freed from her bizarre predicament!

ID #: KD-76