Chloe Amour - HD Download
Time: 9:44
Size 854 X 480

It's a familiar situation: Infatuated boss inflicts generation-younger squeeze on long-suffering employees. But the hard-working couple don't suffer long on this occasion! After Chloe Amour orders them around once too often, they grab the astonished girl and rope her to an office chair. The office-workers then team up to stifle Chloe's angry protests by stuffing cloth in her mouth and securing it with duct tape! After they go on a well-deserved break, Chloe spins indignantly in the chair, then raises her bound bare feet onto a table in a futile attempt to grab a pair of scissors. When her male captor returns, Chloe lashes out and kicks him, earning herself more drastic humiliation.

ID #: kd76s1
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