Yoga Class Invasion - DVD
47 Minutes, Two Models

A ruthless man subjects yoga practitioners Eden Wells and Charlotte Stokely to exercises designed to satisfy his depraved desires!

The workout begins peacefully with Eden instructing Charlotte in the find points of yoga. But when Charlotte takes a break to make a phone call, madness ensues! Gagged and bound with duct tape, Eden's tossed on the floor by the predatory intruder, who greedily mouths her bare feet, tickles her while she squeals, then uses her prone body as a footstool. When Eden's briefly left alone, she strains against the sticky bonds in desperation but succeeds only in exhausting herself.

When Charlotte returns, she's confronted by the unbelievable sight of Eden lying in tape-bound captivity. The astonished young woman has only a few seconds to react before she too feels tape sealing her lips and trapping her wrists behind her back. Once Charlotte's helpless, the obsessive captor tongues her toes and tests her resistance to tickling, then complacently watches Charlotte and Eden awkwardly maneuver their bound bodies as they attempt to free each other.

Their becomes more harrowing after Eden and Charlotte are deprived of their exercise togs. Wearing nothing but panties, the shivering victims sit side-by-side on their mats with their backs against a kitchen island; they're now rope-bound, with wrists crossed behind their backs matching their crossed ankles. After tormenting Eden and Charlotte with a flurry of groping and toe-sucking, the villain backs off temporarily while the tape-gagged women murmur pathetically and roll against each other on the floor.

There's no mercy in store for the ruthless man's beautiful blonde playthings: completely naked now, Charlotte and Eden arch desperately in cross-ankle hogties and squeal behind the white tape pressed over their mouths! When Eden's frantic struggles leave her lying sideways with her breasts exposed, the intruder pounces and grasps a handful while Charlotte watches in horror.

All bad things must come to an end so Charlotte and Eden are profoundly relieved to see the last of this home invader. But first they must endure his final insolent attentions after they're roped face-to-face on a pair of chairs. Their pale bodies restrained with lengths of black rope, the two friends are powerless to prevent a last indignity as the despicable man their cleave-gagged mouths into the grotesque parody of a kiss.

ID #: HH-78