Lesbians Love Bondage - DVD
40 Minutes, Two Models

Why do Sophia Knight and Gigi Allens leave an unlikely aquaintance's house with smiles on their faces? Because they've spent hours in bondage and loved every minute of it!

Roped next to each other in chairs, the two beautiful blondes are a pair of colorful consensual captives; Gigi wears a short blue dress, Sophia a red one. Both wiggle their painted toes in revealing sandals and squeal playfully behind duct-tape gags as they struggle sensually. Revelling in their roles as helpless heroines, Gigi and Sophia lean close and treat themselves to tape-gag kisses!

Togetherness becomes even more arousing for Gigi and Sophia once their clothing disappears and they're bound naked on the floor. Propped side-by-side in a corner, the girls sit with their legs extended, ankles tied crosswise, their beautiful breasts entwined with rope. Sophia and Gigi snuggle happily against each other and coo through white tape-gags; several inches shorter, Sophia lifts her legs over Gigi's thighs so she can cuddle in her girlfriend's lap.

The drama-loving damsels in face their most thrilling challenge as their nude bodies writhe hogtied on an antique wooden dining table! Once again gagged with duct tape, Gigi and Sophia squirm in excitement inches apart, arching toe-tied bare feet that are securely linked to their bound wrists. Energetic Gigi demonstrates her flexibility by raising her head high off the table in playful defiance of her restraint.

Both high-spirited fetish-girls reveal impressive athleticism after they're tied and cleave-gagged on a couch. Encouraging each other with sexy mumbling, Gigi and Sophia rise to their feet and, despite bound ankles, they hop back and forth on the hardwood floor. Their exercise interlude complete, the galpals roll into a large armchair where they nuzzle with Sophia curled up in Gigi's lap.

Gigi and Sophia save their most provocative posing for an outdoor finale that spreads their legs on a wooden bench next to the swimming pool. Cleave-gagged once more, the bound girls' eyes glint with merriment while they sit twisting in mutual bondage, press their breasts together and proudly display their bare pussies. For this bondage-loving couple, the knowledge that their undulations are being viewed by an aroused admirer doubles their erotic delight!

ID #: HH-79