Dream Home Bondage Nightmare - DVD
49 Minutes, Two Models

Chloe Amour and Sophia Knight have found a beautiful new home at a bargain price. But a mysterious woman wants them out, so she hires the Hooded Creeper to facilitate their departure with a generous dose of bondage!

Seated on a couch in her new living-room, Chloe was texting happily after work when the Hooded Creeper struck. After pulling Chloe to her feet, he roped her wrists behind her back, silenced her with duct tape, the re-seated his terrified victim after her ankles and arms were bound. During the whirlwind of ropework, the Creeper had overlooked Chloe's cell-phone, which she later cautiously fingered in a desperate attempt to call 911. But when he discovered the phone in her hand, the angry captor threw it aside and punished Chloe with a hogtie. Assured that he'd controlled his first target, the problem-solver left to await Sophia while Chloe squirmed barefoot on her stomach!

When she returned home, a weary Sophia walked into the kitchen and slipped off her shoes--that's when the Creeper struck. He tied and taped the astonished girl in similar fashion to Chloe while she stood feebly resisting him, then lowered her to the floor, raised her bare feet in the air and wound rope around her ankles. A waist-to- knees tether completed Sophia's restraint; the wide-eyed captive twisted fearfully in her bonds--until, in a final nasty touch, the man in black linked Sophia's wrists and ankles, then pushed her onto her side, where she whimpered in immobilized anguish!

The campaign of intimidation escalated once the unfortunate girls' demure outer clothing disappeared. Trussed up in their bras and panties, Chloe and Sophia sat side-by-side before their elegant fireplace and fearfully eyed the spectral figure who'd invaded their peaceful home and now ominously menaced their vulnerability. And the tape-gagged and toe-tied girls grew even more vulnerable after the Creeper lifted them so that they sat facing each other, then bared their breasts! Unable to communicate, Chloe and Sophia murmured uneasily, both mystified by the motives of this dangerous man: What did he want from them?

There was no answer forthcoming for Sophia and Chloe during the next stage of their ordeal. The Creeper had herded them to the bedroom, where they now knelt naked and bound on the bed, their lips cleaved by knotted cloth gags. Taunting his pathetic nude prisoners with vulgar jests, the implacable tormentor them to confront each other and press their breasts together. After subjecting them to sufficient humiliation, he tethered the helpless housemates at the head of the bed and watched in satisfaction as they wiggled awkwardly.

Bondage became more intrusive when Sophia and Chloe were pulled off the bed, then retied as they stood side-by-side, each sporting one black rope snared tautly between their legs. Cloth stuffing silenced the crotch-roped girls' pleading before their mouths were covered with black overmouth gags and they were ordered to remain motionless. But the victimized girlfriends, apprehensive of the direction their ordeal was taking, refused to play by his rules any longer. After slipping onto the floor, they worked feverishly to free each other, with results that surprised everyone concerned.

ID #: HH-80