Cassie's Christmas Bondage Festival - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

Adorable Cassie Laine's costumed for the holidays in a Christmas-elf bikini, cap and candy-cane knee socks. Cassie also wears a set of ropes that hold her small body in a tight embrace as she curls up on the floor and a white cleave-gag that spreads her lush lips. After the elfin captive's perky breasts are bared, Cassie squirms in embarrassment.

Sexy girl-scout Charlotte Stokely sure knocked on the wrong door when she chose Lexi Bloom's house as her destination! Roped to the tongue chair with her legs spread wide, the dazed prisoner whimpers pathetically behind a colorful tape gag as predatory hostess Lexi gropes Charlotte's bare breasts, then strokes the struggling girl's chest and face with her bare feet!

Guitar in hand, raven-haired songbird Vanessa Veracruz enters her audition in a fetching western outfit. But the sounds that emerge from Vanessa's mouth are anything but melodious after the audition takes on a DID theme that features the indignant girl struggling in ropes with her booted ankles hitched to a couch-leg. Gagged with a red bandanna, her breasts exposed, Vanessa twists angrily and protests noisily but her antics merely serve to escalate the producer's excitement!

It's easy to see why a susceptible employer would want to dally with alluring chambermaid Caroline Ray, but his bad behavior boomerangs when Caroline attempts blackmail! The naughty maid soon regrets her attempt at extortion when the desperate man strikes back with bondage; gagged with duct tape and trussed up, Caroline writhes bare-breasted as she's wrapped up in an orange sheet for transport to a remote location!

Tricked into captivity, luscious nurse Carol Luna receives a two-stage bondage treatment that begins when the white-uniformed beauty's bound with black rope and tethered to a bed's wooden headboard. Carol's restraint becomes more restrictive when her pantyhosed legs are frogged; at the same time, a drool-inducing red ball- gag replaces the white cleave over black mouth-packing that earlier her full lips apart.

Coils of black rope circle the elaborate white gowns of bride Charlotte Stokely and bridesmaid Ashlyn Molloy and confine these innocent captives of a vindictive man! Their lips sealed with strips of black tape, Charlotte and Ashlyn at first stand trembling in the corner next to a window seat before they're lifted into the seat where they kick up their bound stockinged feet in feeble attempts at escape.

ID #: CB-63