Dangerous Diva's Holiday Hostages - DVD
70 Minutes, Four Models

The holidays are financially profitable for the Diva, but it's the four sexy presents she packages with ropes and gags that have her singing a happy tune!

Celeste Star had a bright idea: Hire fabled rope artist Dangerous Diva to bind and gag girlfriend Abigail Mac as a Christmas surprise! And Abigail is surprised indeed when she enters the bedroom and finds a catsuited figure stretched out on her bed; when the Diva explains her mission, Abigail warily complies and allows herself to be tied up. But after the Crime Queen tapes the buxom little prisoner's mouth, she hijacks the situation by baring Abigail's breasts and throwing her on the bed, where she indulges her kinky tastes at the expense of the writhing girl. This is her party, after all, not Celeste's -- as her misguided client will soon discover!

Sizzling in a short purple dress and high heels, Celeste eagerly returns home with visions of trussed-up Abigail lighting up her eyes. At first happy to see the Diva still on the premises, Celeste recoils after the devious one informs her that the rules have changed. But it's too late; the Diva strikes and quickly takes control by binding Celeste and muffling her angry protests with duct tape. Soon the indignant victim of the Diva's scam kneels bare-breasted and barefoot on the bed -- but only long enough for the shameless trickster to cop a few feels because there's a hogtie in Celeste's future! Thoroughly bamboozled, Celeste wriggles on her stomach as the diva gleefully tickles her bare soles and promises that a bondage reunion with Abigail is next on the agenda.

And Dangerous Diva is as good as her word -- deprived of their clothes but generously roped and ball-gagged, Celeste and Abigail stand side-by-side while the Grinch-like Diva fondles their naked bodies! After forcing her crotch- roped captives breast-to-breast and savoring their sensuality, the masked malefactor orders them onto their knees, then accentuates their subjection by seizing handfuls of their long dark tresses and pulling their heads back! A final breast exam follows before the Diva thanks the girls for their part in making this a special Christmas for her, then disappears up the chimney. Drained by their encounter with evil, the helpless nudes slide onto their hips and Celeste murmurs an apology to Abigail for bringing the Dangerous Diva into their lives.

Randy Moore and Cherie DeVille are thrilled at the prospect of enrichment thanks to a...$2 bill? But it's a very special piece of currency, the only surviving bill from a plate whose mischievous engraver made some unauthorized changes to the portrait of Thomas Jefferson! Unfortunately for Randy and Cherie, a certain unscrupulous cat-burglar has also been on the trail of this million-dollar scrap of paper so their future prospects are about to take a dive! Randy's the first to feel the Diva's wrath; as she primps before a bathroom mirror, the black-clad spectre attacks and twines rope around the stunned beauty's cocktail dress, then quiets her with a knotted cleave. Once she's yanked off Randy's pumps and bound her ankles, the hard-working evil- doer slides her barefoot captive into the tub and heads off in search of fresh prey!

After finishing a few vital tasks on her laptop, Cherie looks forward to joining Randy and celebrating their good fortune with a night on the town. But she never makes it out of her home office once the Diva pays her a visit; invigorated by her conquest of Randy's voluptuous body, the ruthless rope-mistress subjugates Cherie with ease. The bewildered victim's moans and struggles incite the Diva to toy with her colorfully-clothed body and bare feet as Cherie sits on the edge of her desk. Playtime's soon over, however, when the money-hungry mind behind the mask gets serious and rolls poor Cherie onto her stomach so she can be properly hogtied; Cheir's richly-wrinkled bare soles receive a final visit from the Diva's fingers before she's left alone to contemplate the collapse of her dreams.

Dangerous Diva could have absconded after retrieving that ultra- valuable $2-bill from the safe, but the Diva's motives are always twofold: ill-gotten gain and beautiful girls in naked restraint. So it's hardly surprising that Cherie and Randy materialize bare-skinned on their bed in restrictive ball-ties while the gloating woman who's impoverishing them lurks nearby. After stuffing their mouths with cloth and sealing their lips with self-adhesive and duct tape, the Diva flaunts the bill they'll never see again before their eyes, treats herself to farewell caresses of their enticing flesh, then allows Randy and Cherie to share a miserable captivity as they twist in immoveable webs of rope!

ID #: DD-24