My Prisoner In Bondage: Carol Luna - DVD
43 Minutes, One Model

Novice realtor Carol Luna becomes a bound and naked captive in the first house she's ever listed!

Dressed for success in a black sweater, short plaid skirt and heels, Carol focuses on evaluating the empty house so she's oblivious to the obsessed man sneaking up behind her until it's too late. The wide-eyed girl cries out as he seizes her but she's no match for the hoodie-clad stalker -- a few moments later, Carol sits tied and tape-gagged on the couch in the clutches of her deranged captor! The manipulative malefactor allows Carol to struggle fearfully for a time, then pulls her legs onto his lap, pulls off her pumps and mouths her slender bare feet. Once her toes are soaked, he foreshadows his future plans for Carol by leaning over to unbutton her sweater so he can tease a nipple!

Her lithe body no longer protected by clothing, Carol trembles as she teeters barefoot, her wrists and ankles tape-bound and her lips still sealed! The towering predator treats himself to some rough fondling of Carol's breasts, then, after wrapping more duct tape around her chest, knees and feet, he grants her a respite from his disgusting attentions. Although he's removed his hands from the nude beauty, the psychopath's eyes are locked on Carol as she writhes desperately on the hardwood floor.

It's bedtime for Carol but no rest for this weary young captive. Once more rope-bound, Carol sits on the edge of the bed and begs for mercy as the diabolical captor feeds her candy but her pleas are quickly muffled with white tape! Tossing the helpless prisoner onto her side like a rag-doll, the ravenous man feasts once more on her toes, then unveils a nasty scheme to tantalize Carol. Pinned on her stomach with her ankles tethered to the bed's headboard, Carol must balance a handful of the colorful candies on her bare soles or face the consequences!

Despite her best efforts, Carol finally allows the candies to fall and the consequences are the most humiliating yet. Her very naked pussy's blatantly exposed as she lies spreadeagled to the bed and despite Carol's frantic twisting and arching, the rope-cuffs that confine her delicate wrists and ankles prove immoveable. While Carol whimpers through cleave-gagged lips, the heartless man who's taken control of her life watches his beautiful prey's hopeless exertions with depraved delight.

Time for the games to end -- but her evil admirer isn't about to make it easy on Carol after he's gone! Propped up on the staircase with her legs raised and ankles tethered to a doorknob, the weary prisoner must endure more lustful groping along with the added misery of drooling, thanks to a ball- gag the invader has so thoughtfully provided. Carol's enormously relieved once she's seen the last of this monster, of course, but the ropes still hold her in an oppressive embrace so she can only wait for an associate to come through the front door -- and wince at the thought of the sight that would greet her rescuer's eyes!

ID #: PB-03