Costume Girls Fight For Freedom - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Officer Reina has the job of protecting a witness for an important court case but when her back is turned she succumbs to the ropes from villainous Loran Chance who takes witness Bridget Kelly and leaves Reina struggling to free herself from bondage and the cleave gag that keeps her cries muffled!

If your ideal fantasy princess is the kind that's roped to a tree and menaced by a monster, then Sierra Nevada is the girl for you! Eye-catching in her intricate bra, long split skirt and sparkling gold sandals, tape-gagged Sierra writhes in bondage that pins her to the tree and prevents her from interfering with the required breast-baring process!

A dazzling sight in her gold-trimmed turquoise harem costume, Eva Lovia undulates provocatively for an appreciative audience of one, then prepares to leave. But her admirer wants more time with the beauteous brunette, so he detains Eva with ropework restraining the indignant girl's wrists, ankles and chest, then stifles her protests with a black cleave gag! Before Eva's ordeal ends, her pants have been pulled down to reveal a curvaceous bottom, her breasts have been bared and her dance moves reduced to squirming on the floor!

When you're the kind of policewoman who wears a tight blouse, ultra- short skirt and thigh-high boots, it's not that big a surprise when you're taken hostage by a masked desperado! Such is the plight of Erika Jordan, who's stands bound to a bedpost, her eyes wide above her cleave- gag while the villain proposes a trade. Her impressive breasts exposed, Erika continues to twist on her spiked platforms until she's tossed onto the bed, where she's to squirm on her stomach because her ankles have been tethered to the wooden headboard!

Amazonian blonde Gigi Allens is nothing but a meek and wide-eyed captive as she sits before a fireplace, her voluptuous body ornamented by red plaid bra and panties, black stockings and pumps! But it's the white rope that prevents Gigi's escape while black cloth stuffed in her mouth and held in place by a white cleave muffles her pleas for help. After Gigi kicks off her shoes, she's compressed into a tighter position by a waist-ankle tether.

Don't expect to find a stewardess like Layla Sin anywhere but on a flight of fantasy! Garbed in a shining blue minidress, cap, pantyhose and high heels, Layla runs afoul of that hooded villain, who holds her in standing captivity. Her rope web anchored overhead, ball-gagged Layla twists, turns and drools copiously, the victim of bondage that becomes more severe with a crotchrope over her hose!

ID #: CB-64