Costume Party Catastrophe - DVD
44 Minutes, Six Models

Carol Luna and Sophia Knight left the costume party early because of another partier's weird vibe, but he followed them home and entrapped them in a more sinister type of entertainment!

Carol thought she'd left the disturbing skull-masked monk behind at the party, so she was terrified when he seemingly materialized from out of the dark and seized her. Still costumed as a plaid-skirted student, Carol writhed in panic as he bound her wrists and arms and gagged her with duct tape, then threw her face down on the bed! After roping her ankles together, the menacing figure tethered Carol into a sitting position against the bedpost and left her to struggle while he waited for Sophia to return.

Clad in a multi-colored costume, party princess Sophia at first received identical treatment from the hideous intruder when she followed Carol into the house a few minutes later. But with Carol already helpless he had no need to hurry, so after perching Sophia on a wooden chest, he removed her glittering high-heeled sandals before restricting her movements with a modified ball-tie. Bound, gagged and barefoot, ticklish Sophia was powerless to prevent the mad monk from assaulting her soles with his fingers!

Sophia's situation became much more ous after she was reunited with Carol, who had been released from her bondage. Carol was also allowed to remain clothed, a stark contrast with Sophia, who knelt naked, bound and cleave-gagged on Carol's bed! To the gentle brunette's horror, she was handed a vibrator and ordered to thrust it against Sophia's pussy while licking her nipples; fearing the worst if she resisted, Carol complied as the nude captive whimpered. Once their disguised captor had derived sufficient enjoyment from the shocking exhibition, he Carol to strip, then placed her in mirror-image restraint with Sophia after adding crotch- ropes to both innocent girls! Tethered on their knees to the headboard, the naked prisoners swayed and moaned in apprehension of the next hideous surprise.

Once the tireless sadist herded the nude starlets of his depraved drama into the backyard, it was Carol's turn to suffer the humiliating buzz of the vibrator between her legs while she stood tied and tape-gagged! The unwilling but intimidated Sophia then followed orders to spank Carol and tickle her soft soles after she was lowered onto her stomach; inspired by the sight of Carol's arched bare feet, he once again turned the helpless housemates into bondage twins. Both lithe bodies arched in submission to the hogties bestowed on them by the masked monster while Carol and Sophia eyed each other and tried to believe that their ordeal would soon be over.

And then it was -- but not before the naked flesh of these sweet girlfriends felt the harsh embrace of ropework one final time! Back on the bed, Carol and Sophia sat face-to-face, their legs wrapped around each other and secured with ankle ropes. Their breast bonds hitched together, the wide-eyed captives whispered reassurances to each other until the skull-faced creature dealt Carol and Sophia his final dose of bad medicine by ball-gagging them! When they heard him leave, a shared wave of relief swept over the girls, who strained against their entanglements with renewed vigor, hopeful that they'd never see that fugitive from a nightmare again.

ID #: HH-81
Price: $25.00