Grab And Bind Of Jasmine Caro: Checkmate Queen Jasmine - DVD
45 Minutes, One Model

Chess-mistress Jasmine Caro crushed her man at the board, then kicked him to the curb, but he struck back with a gambit that trapped the proud princess and rendered her speechless!

Hands bound before her, Jasmine kneels in submission on her bed; semi- transparent tape seals her lips but reveals their alluring outline! Ropes snake around her beautiful body, barely clad in stunning red lingerie, and tether her to the bed's headboard. Jasmine squeals indignantly when her breasts are exposed, but she's powerless to prevent her humiliation.

A knotted black cleave-gag spreads Jasmine's lush red lips as she sits bound and naked on a leather platform. The spirited girl defiantly swings her feet onto the floor but is swiftly immobilized by ropework additions that leave her in ball-tied frustration!

The backyard balcony's warm and sunny but Jasmine's unable to enjoy the ambience because she's been roped standing to the balcony railing in her birthday suit! Ball-gagged and treated to a crotch-rope that frames her pussy-lips, Jasmine twists and turns on bare feet heated by the redwood flooring.

Hail to Queen Jasmine, who's been trussed to a kitchen chair wearing nothing but a sparkling dime-store tiara! Her beautiful body's compressed with rope and her mouth covered with white tape, but Jasmine receives a shock when her thighs and ankles are untied, then re-roped so that her legs are spread devastatingly wide for maximum pussy exposure.

The spread-leg theme culminates in the final move of Jasmine's checkmate as the vanquished queen lies spreadeagled on the lawn, her wrists and ankles secured by tethers to metal spikes driven into the ground! Jasmine's protests can easily be ignored because they're muffled with duct tape and the crotch-rope now settles assertively between her labia. While Jasmine writhes in futile resistance, a wooden chess king tucked beneath her waist rope symbolizes her conquest!

ID #: KD-77