Dressed In Costumes, Tied With Ropes - DVD
46 Minutes, Six Models

An internet advertisement for a sapphic schoolgirl rendezvous attracts bored office- worker Ellena Woods but she learns a hard lesson when she falls into the cluctches of kinky Charlotte Stokely! Trussed-up, barefoot and gagged with a knotted cleave, Ellena sits tethered on a wooden chest and wriggles unhappily in her cute plaid outfit while predatory Charlotte plays with her defenseless body. Inevitably, Charlotte undoes Ellena's top so she can handle her milky rope-framed breasts!

Ah, the quaint and innocent 1950s -- a time when housewives wore polka-dot dresses and high heels to do their household chores and cute girls rocked out in poodle skirts and saddle shoes! But the 50s had a darker side, as housewife Kimberly Gates and playgirl Emma Storm discover when they're tied up and cleave- gagged side-by-side on a sofa. As their progresses, Kimberly and Emma's breasts are bared and they curl up without shoes on the couch!

An appealing throwback to the 60s, Karla Kush relaxes poolside in colorful sweats that hint at the psychedelic, her bare feet thrust into emphatically practical birkenstock sandals. The relaxation ends abruptly when an intruder ties Karla into her curved wooden chair with her legs frogged and secured separately to the arms of the chair; barefoot, bare-breasted and tape- gagged, Karla squirms awkwardly in the sun-filled backyard that now seems shadowy and threatening.

Clad in white and bound in black, nurse Indica James sits on the floor murmuring fully through the duct tape covering her lips. It's a traditional predicament for this old-fashioned nurse, who writhes feistily even after her stiff-nippled breasts are exposed and her white-stockinged feet kick free of her shoes while she rolls around on the carpet!

Dark-haired and dramatic in her long gown, gorgeous Carol Luna gives a convincing performance as she auditions for the role of a sorceress. But Carol's unpleasantly surprised by the audition's intensity after she's seized and bound by a hooded apparition, then womanhandled by lingeried succubus Delilah Davis as she kneels on the floor! Appropriately gagged with a knotted black cleave, Carol protests in vain after she's hogtied and feels wicked Delilah's fingernails tease her slender bare feet!

ID #: CB-65