No Vacation From Ropework - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

An art thief wants valuable paintings, so Samantha Rone and Karla Kush wind up tied to chairs, mouths stuffed and covered with cloth. Breasts bared and shoes removed to expose Samantha's stockinged feet and Karla's bare toes, they struggle and whimper long after he's gone!

Sexy schemer Chanel Rae tricks hot businesswoman Zayda J into bondage, then teases her naked tits and tantalizes her stockinged soles while tape-gagged Zayda writhes in a chair!

Sharp-eyed British beauty Sophia Knight detects fake English antiques but before she can blow the whistle, the unscrupulous dealer silences stunned Sophia with a cleave-gag and tethers her to a wooden chest! Sophia's plight becomes more problematic when her shoes are removed and she's ball-tied on top of the chest.

After Layla Sin wreaks finacial havoc on her ex-boyfriend, she turns her attention to his pretty blonde friend Kristi Snow, who squirms tied and tape-gagged while Layla fondles her bare breasts and tickles her pantyhosed soles!

When cute secretary Delilah Davis refuses to play her kinky games, bad and beautiful boss Carol Luna traps her in ropes, gags her with a knotted black cleave and plays with hapless Delilah as she kneels on a lounge. Once Carol's hands have wandered over Delilah's boobs and between her pantyhosed legs, she lowers her pretty prey onto her stomach and makes Delilah squeal by tickling her feet!

Bound with black rope, Jamie Lynn sits on her couch and tries to stay cool but as soon as she starts to yell, duct tape keeps her quiet! When Jamie continues to cause trouble, she's hitched to the couch as she kneels barefoot and bare-breasted; finally subdued, Jamie curls up meekly on her side.

ID #: SB-121