Dangerous Diva's Farewell - DVD
58 Minutes, Four Models

Dangerous Diva's full of surprises, but the one she has in store this time may leave you speechless -- just like the four gagged girls you'll encounter!

It's a perfect set-up for Dangerous Diva: Through her peerless network of informers, she's learned that two hot housemates have fortuitously obtained a pair of centuries-old books. Lexi Lohan and Carol Luna have no idea just how valuable these volumes are, but the Diva does and she's thrilled at the prospect of paying the girls a visit! Blonde and buxom Lexi, sunning herself in the backyard, is the first to make the Crime Queen's dreaded acquaintance; the Diva quickly has the stunned girl kneeling tied and tape-gagged, her breasts quivering under knowing black-gloved hands! Her predatory instincts fully aroused, the cat-suited prowler hogties Lexi and heads off to confront Carol!

Barefoot in her bathrobe, the sweet brunette is relaxing at the kitchen table when a dark presence materializes! Before Carol can react, the Diva seizes her, binds her wrists behind her, and ties a knotted black cleave between her lush red lips! Winding ropes around the squealing girl's chest, the Dangerous One easily controls her wide-eyed prey; Carol's breasts soon experience the Diva's ful fondling. To complete Carol's restraint, the Diva places her on the floor, binds her ankles, then folds her legs against her body with a webbed tether. While Carol struggles desperately, the book-loving superthief searches for her leather-bound prizes!

Dangerous Diva's scheme has gone off like clockwork, so with the invaluable volumes in hand, she decides to celebrate. For the Diva, celebration entails spreadeagling Carol and Lexi, now naked and crotch-roped, side-by-side in the backyard! Their wrists and ankles hitched to metal stakes driven into the lawn, the writhing tape-gagged girlfriends protest pathetically while their tormentor exults in her triumph and treat Carol and Lexi to a few final fondles before hitting the road!

Exquisite little Cassie Laine is the inspiration for an unprecedented event in Dangerous Diva's notorious career; for the first time, she will surprise, bind and gag a pretty girl with no expectation of pecuniary reward! Yes, it's the allure of Cassie's wide eyes and gentle personality that draws the Diva into her home, where she catches her dreamgirl at a laptop. More gently than usual, she subdues and tape-gags lingerie-clad Cassie, then tenderly plays with her petite body; wonder of wonders, the object of the Diva's affections overcomes the initial shock of her subjection and purrs in her new mistress's clutches! Even more wonderful, the Dangerous One's hitherto quiescent conscience emerges and she offers Cassie time to sort out her emotions before making a final decision about the relationship. So the Diva departs empty-handed while Cassie sits tethered and toe-tied on her desk, wriggles playfully -- and frees herself from the ropes that the Diva has thoughtfully loosened!

Before Dangerous Diva's romance with Cassie Laine can be consummated, however, a dangerous obstacle must be overcome: Chloe Amour! Another larcenous lurker in the shadows, Chloe is a bitterly envious Diva wannabe; when she learns of the surprising new development in her rival's life, Chloe vows to take Cassie from her! A visit to the innocent girl's bedroom ensues and Cassie's soon bound and gagged once more. But her attitude toward Chloe is quite different from the emotions elicited by the Diva's gentle ropework; instead her fear intensifies when this strange woman callously gropes, spanks and tickles her petite naked body! But as Chloe delights in dominating Cassie, she's forgotten who she's dealing with -- Dangerous Diva will not be disrespected, nor will she allow her new girlfriend to be so viciously handled. To Cassie's relief, the Diva bursts in and overpowers Chloe, whose bare breasts and feet now feel the of Cassie's vengeful fingers when she becomes the gagged and hogtied plaything for the two unlikely lovebirds!

ID #: DD-26