Witness Subjection Project - DVD
45 Minutes, Two Models

Jasmine Caro and Gulliana Alexis got a great deal when they testified against the dangerous woman who ran their grifting operation and now these sexy witnesses are protected from her -- or are they?

Curled up on their bed, Gulliana and Jasmine relax in lingerie until they hear the dreaded voice of Maxine, the brilliant con-woman their testimony sent off to prison. But Maxine's been released on a technicality and now that she's hunted down the snitches it's time for payback in the form of ruthless restraint! The nightmare begins for Jasmine and Gulliana when Maxine's hooded henchman materializes and commands them to lie face-down on the bed, then ties their wrists and ankles. After taping their mouths, he pulls them onto their knees, winds rope around their chests and bares their breasts! As the bound and gagged pair cower next to each other, Maxine assures them that she's only begun to wreak vengeance!

Intimidation is so much more satisfying when the objects of revenge are naked, so Jasmine and Gulliana have been stripped, trussed up and crotch- roped, then tethered kneeling to the headframe of a four-poster bed! Their pleas for mercy are abruptly answered by cloth plugs stuffed in their mouths and secured in place with duct tape; as her former friends writhe on their knees and roll onto their hips, Maxine relishes the fear that emanates from their eyes!

No longer held on their knees and now gagged with knotted cleaves, Gulliana and Jasmine lie on their stomachs, bound ankles hitched high on the headframe. But their relative comfort soon ends when Maxine berates her handyman for failing to complete the silenced witnesses' bondage. Embarassed by her criticism, the angry man gets to work and uses the ankle tethers to hogtie Gulliana and Jasmine, whose bare feet now rise up close to their hands. While they arch and roll, Maxine cynically promises the whimpering girls that she'll soon provide them with pleasure to compensate for their awkward plight!

Still naked, ball-gagged and tied side-by-side to kitchen chairs, Jasmine and Gulliana eye each other in confusion as they try to grasp the meaning of Maxine's sneering promise. It quickly becomes clear when their ankles and knees are untied, then re-secured with their legs spread wide so that twin vibrators can be attached to their thighs! With the vibrating heads pressed tight against their vulnerable pussies, Gulliana and Jasmine gasp and spasm against the chairs until they squeal in orgasmic surrender!

Only a few hours have passed, but Jasmine and Gulliana have experienced an ordeal that nothing could have prepared them for! Maxine's had her fun, however, so all that remains is a final humiliating touch that leaves her one-time proteges bound and gagged in the backyard.The squirming nudes lie stretched out on their backs; rope connections from their ankles and the hands held above their head are secured to metal spikes anchored in the grass. Maxine bids a cheery farewell and leaves with her silent associate while Gulliana and Jasmine twist in a sweaty mixture of anguish and relief that the worst is over -- or so they hope!

ID #: HH-83
Price: $25.00