Surprised By Bondage - DVD
59 Minutes, Seven Models

Cute little secretary Cali Hayes makes a big mistake when she tries to kick bondage queen Summer Brielle out of the house. Once Cali stands bound to the stair railing, Summer ball-gags her housemate, bares her breasts and teaches the squirming girl a lesson in domination!

Door-to-door sales promotion proves ous to vivacious Chloe Amour when she has the bad luck to knock on Loren Chance's door! Lustful Loren knows a great opportunity for mischief when she sees one, so she immediately seizes the stunned Chloe and drags her inside! Once Chloe's securely tied and cleave-gagged, Loren's fingers run free over the struggling brunette's chest and pantyhosed soles!

When notorious "Braless Boss" Sara Liz scornfully terminates an employee, he responds to her insults with ropes and gag! The indignant Sara writhes angrily and mumbles threats through the tape sealing her lips, but when she kicks her long legs too high, they're folded back into a hogtie! Carefree now, the ex-employee walks out the door while Sara wriggles shoeless on her dining table!

Demurely clothed in a pinstriped black business suit, Indica James had big plans for the day, but instead finds herself in a bind on her bed! Spunky Indica defies the intruder but, before long her suit's disheveled, her bra disappears, the flats slips from her stockinged feet and cleave-gagged Indica twists futilely in a waist-ankle tether!

Surprised by intruders, alluring entrepreneurs Carol Luna and Lexi Lohan try to hide in a closet, but they're discovered, tied up and gagged with knotted cleaves. Before their ordeal ends, Carol and Lexi huddle together on the bedroom floor in stockinged feet, their breasts bared and their legs tethered close to their hips!

A black-hooded evil-doer whisks tied and tape-gagged executive Anissa Kate off to an abandoned office, where he ropes her arms and ankles, then fondles exotic Anissa's bare breasts! Once he's finished toying with her, the heartless man briefly tickles Anissa's stockinged soles and leaves her hogtied on a desk!

ID #: SB-122