Sexy Costume Captives - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

No-nonsense homemaker Emily Kae uses an unusual disciplinary technique on insolent maid Charlotte Stokely: After the scarlet-garbed blonde servant's tied to a convenient set of prison bars and safely cleave-gagged, Emily's punitive fingers tweak Charlotte's nipples and probe between her pantyhosed legs! To assure that Charlotte doesn't forget who's in charge, Emily digitally records her domination with a cell-phone while the bound and gagged maid squirms and squeals!

Black-clad from head to toe, an uninvited guest sneaks into the costume party and turns dazzling Anissa Kate into his personal bondage toy! Anissa's a tempting target in her skin-tight hostess outfit and the confident cad wastes no time in tying her hands behind her back and gagging her with a knotted black cleave. After winding rope around her chest, he tosses the squirming Anissa on the bed, pulls off her shoes and ties her ankles together. With the exotic spitfire subdued, it's time to bare her breasts for some shameless fondling, then treat her waist and legs to more ropework and leave Anissa struggling on her bed!

Cat Burglar Lena Shelby receives unorthodox justice for her light- fingered escapades when she's caught at the scene of a safe- cracking, then trussed up on a high wooden stool! Unmasked and breast- bared, larcenous Lena mumbles indignantly through the knotted black cleave-gag she's chewing on, but the white ropes coiled around her black-clad body defy energetic efforts to free herself!

Cute barmaid Cali Hayes won't be getting any tips at work today because she's been tied up in her bathroom by an envious rival! Wide-eyed Cali first stands bound, cleave- gagged and tethered to the wall; a touch of humiliation follows when her perky breasts are bared. Captive Cali's later moved to the floor, where she curls up barefoot with her legs folded by a waist-ankle rope-link.

Dark-eyed exotic beauty and a lithe body veiled in a red vest and transparent pink pants make Layla Sin queen of the harem, but Layla's reign has been drastically challenged by bondage! Rope-bound and cleave-gagged, Layla rolls about on her bed in futile resistance to her restraint; soon her bare breasts emerge between the bonds circling her chest and her movements are limited by a waist- ankle tether that draws her bare feet close to her thighs!

Hired to provide security for petite starlet Eva Sedona, Allie James is outmaneuvered by a thug who soon has Eva roped up in the chambermaid costume her role requires! When frantic Allie finally discovers her charge, tape-gagged Eva's unable to warn her that the villain's lurking nearby, so the tall blonde ends up bound and gagged on the floor next to Eva! Both are bare-breasted and defenseless, but Allie slides close to Eva and courageously tries to shield the smaller girl with her body.

ID #: CB-66