Grab And Bind Of Anissa Kate: Anissa's Attitude Adjustment - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

Eden Wells uses her bondage creativity to convince gorgeous schemer Anissa Kate that extortion doesn't pay!

Anissa's in possession of a tape that would be extremely embarrassing to an estranged former client; for a large sum of money, she'll make sure it stays out of the public eye! Unwilling to pay up, Anissa's target contacts Eden, who has an unpleasant surprise waiting for the beauteous blackmailer when she gets her weekly massage. Bound to the massage table on her back, Anissa barely has time to utter an accented protest before Eden jams cloth into her mouth and tapes her lips shut! While a naked Anissa writhes under the multiple coils of rope pinning her to the table, Eden begins the greedy girl's attitude adjustment by twisting her nipples and tickling her soles!

Anissa's harsh lesson continues after Eden stands her bound and crotch-roped body under a pair of overhead metal rings to which the stunned subject is tethered! Gagged with a knotted black cleave, Anissa twists dizzily in the rope web on bare feet hobbled by ankle bonds after Eden once more toys with her vulnerable flesh. When Anissa refuses to co-operate, Eden ratchets up the restraint by bringing her to her knees on a chair; ankles hitched up to her chest ropework, Anissa's trapped in a precarious position!

Back to the massage table for beleaguered Anissa, but now she's lying on her stomach in a cross-ankled hogtie! It's no accident that Eden's arranged the luscious body so that Anissa's bottom and feet are immobilized for spanking and tickling, which the blonde disciplinarian happily applies. Dark eyes glistening above her black tape gag, Anissa squirms in discomfort as she begins to understand that she's out of her league.

Before she encountered Eden, "ball" was just another word to Anissa. But once she's perched on a wooden chest, her legs folded close to her torso by yet another network of unyielding rope, Anissa experiences the unpleasant reality of a ball-tie; her moaning resistance could be expressed more clearly if her lips weren't spread by a ball-gag! Despite Eden's ingenuity, Anissa remains defiant when the ball's removed from her mouth so the time has come for drastic measures!

Her final encounter with the dreaded massage table occurs after it's been moved under the rings so that cleave-gagged Anissa must lie back with her legs roped high above and spread apart. Anissa's pussy has been so glaringly exposed for a purpose, of course, and if the involuntary acrobat had any doubts about Eden's goal, they vanish once the vibrator's tied against her thigh with its buzzing head close to her clit! Eden's message to Anissa is simple: The vibrations between her legs won't stop until she agrees to surrender that incriminating tape! The stubborn adventuress tries her best to hold out, but the game's soon over and Anissa surrenders to the woman who taught her what domination is all about!

ID #: KD-79