Demure Damsels' ous Plights - DVD
52 Minutes, Nine Models

Adorable in her frilly pink sweater and short skirt, Carol Luna sits tied and tape- gagged on a couch, an innocent pawn in a bewildering game! Before long, best friend Casey Calvert, also roped up in her blouse and skirt and gagged with duct tape, sits next to Carol as a smirking villain looms over them! But there's worse to come -- when the evildoer's partner arrives, she prescribes hogties for Carol and Casey, who squirm bedbound; as a final indignity, the criminal couple remove the shoes from their stockinged feet!

Prinzzess Felicity Jade thought she had a deal: In return for the combination to her employer's safe, she gets a cut of the loot! But there's no honor among thieves, so instead of cash, the Prinzzess is rewarded with duct tape to seal her lips and rope that hitches her on top of the empty safe! Duped and angry, she wriggles away from her initial location but can't escape the tether that restrains her as she rolls about furiously on a nearby bed -- though her stockinged toes do their best to release the knots!

When naive businesswoman Chloe Amour discovers that exotic acquaintance Anissa Kate is a spy, Anissa prevents further exposure by tying and tape-gagging the stunned Chloe! The dark-eyed adventuress soon learns what bondage feels like after her devious handler places her on the floor next to Chloe; Anissa writhes barefoot and bare-breasted along with pantyhosed Chloe, whose chest has also been bared!

When strait-laced housemate Jade Nyle threatens to expose Lana Del Raya's shoplifting operation, panicky Lana keeps her quiet with a knotted cleave and restrained with taut ropes around her jacket and skirt! Before pulling up stakes, Lana moves a shoeless Jade to an empty closet, where the bound and gagged girl writhes in unhappy isolation.

Confined to a chair by an intricately-knotted pattern of white rope twisted around her long black dress, statuesque Courtney Dillon whimpers through the white cleave-gag between her lips! Before long, Courtney's breasts peek through the symmetrical ropework surrounding them and she strains with even greater urgency against her constricting !

Gagged with duct tape and restrained with coils of white rope around her black pinstripe business suit, wide-eyed Lilly Evans sits on the floor and waits hopefully for the return of best friend Vanessa Veracruz! A masked intuder waits impatiently along with Lilly for the map that Vanessa is bringing with her; when he finally gets his hands on the map, Vanessa joins Lilly in bondage, her tan jacket and skirt snared close to her voluptuous body with black rope! Both tethered on their hips with breasts bared and pantyhosed feet arching, Lilly and Vanessa struggle desperately once the obsessed thief departs!

ID #: SB-123