Grab And Bind Of Kendra James: Kendra's Elusive Source - DVD
49 Minutes, One Model

Many people want to know the identity of journalist Kendra James' mysterious source -- but only one uses ropecraft to intensify Kendra's interrogation!

1) Harrassed by colleagues, editors and publishers, Kendra refuses to divulge the name of her source; she doesn't actually know it, though she has her suspicions. But her situation becomes seriously stressful when a man in black invades her office and subdues Kendra despite her spirited resistance! Wrists tied behind her, lips spread by a knotted cloth and blouse-covered breasts framed by ropes, the red-haired reporter continues to struggle fiercely even after she's thrown to the floor, her shoes pulled off and her body bowed by a tether! Kendra has no way of knowing it but her journey into bondage has just begun.

2) After removing Kendra from her office, the formidable figure carries on his quest to learn Kendra's secret at a more leisurely pace. Still in a state of dazed disbelief, the courageous journalist sits roped to a high black stool, her lithe body divested of clothing other than pantyhose. When Kendra rejects his offer to release her in return for that magic name, the remorseless inquisitor stuffs her mouth with a black wad and wraps white cloth over it! Isolated in the clutches of a sinister stranger, Kendra twists and moans on her uncomfortable perch!

3) The stool has disappeared and so has her pantyhose, so Kendra's naked body trembles as the black-clad spectre enthusiastically coils black rope around her wrists, chest and legs! Gagged with a black cleave over white mouth stuffing and tethered on her hip against a wall, Kendra still possesses the will and energy to resist the demands of her nemesis -- but he's not about to abandon his quest to learn the identity of Kendra's source!

4) A more precarious restraint awaits Kendra, devised by an evildoer grown frustrated by her adamant refusal to submit! Kneeling on a low black platform, the beleaguered reporter squirms in alarm as the tireless tormentor links the ropework around her chest to a chain hanging from the rafters! Drool moistens Kendra's ball-gagged lips and sweat sheens her nude flesh while the angry villain ratchets up her bondage with knotted coils around her waist and thighs followed by a tether drawing her wrists and ankles together!

5) After Kendra's bewildering inquisitor releases her from the arduous position that tested her resolve nearly to the limit, he attempts to reason with her more gently. But his kindness is only relative, so Kendra soon sits retied on the platform, a duct-tape/self- adhesive gag stifling the curses that signal this bold woman's defiance. Losing patience once more, the disgruntled dominator rolls Kendra on her stomach and hogties her; when he finally removes her gag to question her, one of them will receive a shocking surprise!

ID #: KD-80