Disguised Damsels In Topless Ties - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

Stewardess Charlotte Stokely races into the bedroom closely followed by cat- burglar Whitney Westgate, who's after the case that Charlotte's carrying. After a brief tussle, Charlotte's seated in bondage on the edge of the bed, where Whitney takes advantage of the enticing blonde's tied and cleave-gagged status to fondle her bare breasts! Whitney's triumph is short-lived, however, as her greedy partner leaves the cat- suited bad girl bound and gagged next to Charlotte before splitting with the case. The trussed-up pair obviously have no affection for each other and soon roll on the bed kicking at each other with their shoeless feet!

When cute student Casey Calvert catches shady houseguest Carol Luna brazenly breaking into a cabinet full of valuables, Carol responds by trussing the potential snitch to a chair with coils of black rope and gagging her with a black cleave! Whimpering and squirming in her white blouse, plaid skirt and shiny black pumps, Casey's a tasty target for Carol, who can't resist exposing and exploring her breasts and petite bare feet!

Layla Sin's gorgeous, but she's also a bit crazy -- just ask wide-eyed cheerleader Khloe Krush, who becomes Layla's bound and gagged plaything! Roped to the bedpost of a metal bed and gagged with duct tape, Khloe's powerless to prevent Layla's intrusive hands from tweaking her nipples and sneaking in proximity to her pantieless pussy! After the predatory beauty places Khloe onto the bed and pulls off her sneakers, she entertains herself by tickling the wriggling cheerleader's socked feet and spanking her bare bottom before watching Khloe strain optimistically against her bondage!

As she sits demurely on the couch with her hands in her lap, Prinzzess Felicity Jade might seem like any bride posing for pictures -- except for the brown ropes knotted around her white gown and the gold tape sealing her lips! But the Prinzzess doesn't remain demure for long, proving herself such a feisty DID that the ropework's altered to pin her hands behind her back! Still undiscouraged, the pissed-off Prinzzess thrashes around the couch energetically, even plucking at the curtains with her pantyhosed toes in an attempt to attract attention!

Housewives don't get much hotter than Erika Jordan -- or more demonstrative when they find themselves in a bind! Clad in a black- dress spotted with large white polka-dots, Erika sits bound on a stool indignantly mouthing a ball-gag while balancing eye-glasses on her nose! Before long, the glasses disappear, along with the unhappy housewife's's strappy pumps and the top of her dress; bare-breasted and barefoot, Erika wriggles angrily while awaiting rescue from her homebound plight!

It sometimes seems to Summer Brielle that a chambermaid's work is never done -- especially when this voluptuous maid's day ends with her struggling in ropes! Standing tethered to the bedpost with a black cleave holding her lush lips apart, Summer writhes so frantically that her amazing breasts pop free from the top of her costume! Later, Summer continues to emotionally resist her restraint as she kneels on the bed tethered to metal wirework; her rope-framed breasts are still eye- poppingly vulnerable and her stockinged soles almost beg to be tickled!

ID #: CB-67