Bared, Bound And Struggling - DVD
48 Minutes, Seven Models

The situation just keeps spiraling out of control for soft-spoken Casey Calvert after she's ordered out of her dress and heels! First the little brunette's perched naked and bound on a cloth-covered coffee table, her mouth invaded by a knotted black cleave and her blue- nailed big toes pinioned with string! Casey's toes are soon freed -- but only so the bewildered girl can be rolled onto her stomach and into a cross-ankled hogtie that easily resists her frantic arching!

You couldn't blame Charlotte Stokely for giving up after unwillingly stuffing her own panties into her mouth, then being tied up naked and tape-gagged on a chair. But spunky Charlotte refuses to surrender and manages to wriggle the ropes off her legs so she can make a run for it! Unfortunately for the courageous girl, Charlotte finds herself trapped even after she slips outdoors!

The ropes descending from rings above her head both restrain and support Carol Luna, whose alluring naked body stands webbed while she murmurs through lush red lips spread by a black cleave! Unable to escape her predicament, Carol still continues to lean forward, rotate from side-to-side and rise up on her bare toes!

Belle Knox and Erika Jordan experience bedroom togetherness -- but not the kind they were hoping for! Belle and Erika are naturally unnerved by the shocking intrusion on their privacy that leaves the naked, bound and cleave-gagged girlfriends sitting side-by-side on the edge of their bed! When they later lie struggling on their sides, however, and rope- framed breasts rub against each other, Erika and Belle utter suspiciously sensual gag- stifled murmurs!

Her eyes, wide and fearful above a duct tape gag, reveal Sara Liz's emotional response to her plight! Casually dressed in cuffed blue jeans and tight green sweater, slender Sara sits bound on the floor in cross- ankled restraint! Sara's slender bare feet are thrust into flip-flops that are removed by an intruder as the energetic girl struggles on her stomach.

What's the penalty for home-wrecking? Playgirl Niki Lee Young learns the hard way when she's confronted by an irate wife who orders the astonished Niki to blindfold and gag herself! Disoriented and trussed up, Niki sits whimpering on the edge of a wooden chest until she's more restrictively roped into a ball-tie. As she writhes barefoot and bare-breasted on top of the chest, Niki's able to dislodge her blindfold but the cleave-gag remains securely between her lips and the ropework defies her limited strength!

ID #: FB-405