Feisty Bondage Heroines - DVD
53 Minutes, Seven Models

An irate former business partner blames Summer Brielle and Amanda Tate for his troubles so he turns to bondage for revenge! Trussed-up and cleave- gagged, Summer and Amanda sit side-by-side in an empty room while the angry man rants, then writhe indignantly after their breasts are exposed and shoes removed!

Charlotte Stokely's plan was simple yet devious: bind and gag innocent Whitney Westgate so she can siphon secrets from Whitney's decrepit boss! But clever Charlotte's diverted from her goal by the tape-gagged secretary's wide-eyed beauty so she plays with Whitney's bound breasts instead of following the plan!

How can her subordinates soften up no-nonsense office manager Erika Jordan? By turning her over to creative consultant Belle Knox, who uses ropework to bring out Erika's inner submissive! Off come her glasses, down comes her hair, into her mouth goes a bit-gag and out pop her breasts; soon Erika's squirming on her stomach as Belle fondles her from tits to pantyhosed toes!

Caught while sneaking around the offices of a rival company, novice spy Veronica Rodriguez squirms tied and cleave-gagged as she sits on a desk! Her lesson in restraint doesn't end until bare-breasted and barefoot Veronica's tethered on her hip against the wall!

It's an unusual and alarming sight: A pretty young woman in sweater and skirt inching her way down the staircase, her progress hindered by the ropes twisted around her wrists, chest and ankles! Gagged with white tape, Alexa Johnson courageously edges toward the front door but is drawn back into more restrictive bondage that leaves the bare-breasted blonde twisting in hip-tethered restraint on a parquet floor!

Amanda Tate extracts information from Casey Calvert by tricking her way past Casey's front door, then tying the petite secretary onto a chair in a kneeling position and tickling her stockinged feet! After completing her mission, kinky Amanda bares and fondles tape-gagged Casey's breasts while she wriggles and moans!

ID #: SB-124