Grab And Bind Of Layla Sin: Sexy Spy In Bondage - DVD
45 Minutes, One Model

Espionage sounded like a thrilling vocation to exotic beauty Layla Sin but she found that it was more ous than she could have imagined!

On her first mission, Layla was required to photograph sensitive documents at a secret conference. Disguised as a hostess, Layla waited for an interlude in the proceedings, then stealthily approached the conference table on stockinged feet! Before she could complete her assignment, however, a security officer seized the novice spy and proceeded to make an example of her. As Layla sat squirming in a ball-tie on the table, she was powerless to prevent the harsh man from stuffing cloth in her mouth and completing the gag with duct tape! Surrounded by enemies, Layla moaned and writhed in her ropework web!

Layla was rescued from her plight when she was exchanged for an opposition spy; after further training, she was given another opportunity to prove herself. But an overly trusting nature proved to be Layla's undoing when she was tricked by an enemy agent who was pretending to assist her. The devious woman stole Layla's identity after helping herself to the gullible girl's designer dress! Trussed up and cleave-gagged in her bra and panties, Layla struggled in embarrassment as she sat on an empty safe until the ruthless opponent doubled her gag with duct tape and hogtied the hapless spy!

Layla must have had friends in high places because she was given one more opportunity to go undercover. But this venture ended in even more abject failure for Layla: Restrained in wooden stocks, she cracked and revealed vital intelligence when her bare soles were rigorously tickled! After squeezing secrets from Layla, her ingenious interrogators contemptuously tied a sponge between her lips and left the naked agent twisting spread-legged in the stocks.

No longer employed by a central agency, stubborn Layla unwisely attempted a hazardous operation on her own. When her rogue mission predictably fell apart, Layla was deprived of her fatigue pants and bound into a kneeling position on a mattress ! Tethered to metal bars and gagged with duct tape over self- adhesive wrap, Layla was once again in -- a situation that became even more menacing when her callous opponents tore open her camouflage shirt to expose their crotch-roped hostage's breasts!

The lure of undercover intrigue remained amazingly strong for Layla despite all her misadventures. Applying her talents to the apparently less hazardous world of corporate espionage, Layla seemed to have found the perfect niche at last -- until she had the incredible misfortune to encounter the sly woman who'd left her hogtied! Once again in a bind, the spread-eagled and naked Layla thrashed on a bed while the vibrator tied against her clit by her nemesis buzzed her implacably to orgasm!

ID #: KD-81