Eleven Lucky Ladies Naked And Bound - DVD
49 Minutes, Eleven Models

We're not sure what's going on here, but it's certainly nothing good because that's sweet Lena Shelby sitting naked on the floor; her hands and feet are bound and she's gagged with duct tape! By the way, Lena's not alone: there's buxom nude Ashley Rose in identical restraint propelling herself around the corner to join Lena and from the other direction it's her diminutive friend Kacy Lane defying bondage to complete the trio of damsels in ! Although their efforts at mutual aid prove unsuccessful, the trussed-up girls' feisty resistance provokes retribution in the form of a triple hogtie; moaning behind their tape- gags, Lena, Ashley and Kacy arch and twist with undiminshed energy, but they'll be staying for awhile!

Naked ladies Whitney Westgate and Charlotte Stokely face each other as they sit bound and gagged on the metal-frame bed; Whitney's at the foot of the bed, Charlotte's at the head. As they murmur behind silver-tape gags, Whitney and Charlotte raise their bare feet until their soles make contact, but waist-ankle rope links supplemented by tethers to the bed-frames soon confine the frustrated nudes to their respective spaces!

Exotic beauty Chloe Amour must have pissed-off the wrong person because naked Chloe's been placed in a very restrictive bind! Webbed with black rope and gagged with black tape over self-adhesive, the dark-eyed heroine kneels semi- suspended from overhead rings. After struggling courageously for several minutes, Chloe's eager to get off her knees but understandably dismayed when she's lowered onto her stomach and hogtied on the lounge!

Just the sight of luscious brunette Carol Luna and sizzling blonde Niki Lee Young making out with each other while attired only in silky robes would be enough for most voyeurs! But the nasty intruder into this sensual paradise has other plans: After ordering Carol to tie up and gag Niki with the rope and duct tape he's thoughtfully provided, he uses Carol to reveal the location of the couple's valuables while Niki squirms in near-nudity on the floor! Before disappearing into the night, the energetic villain reunites the beautiful partners in bondage, both now completely bare-skinned and tethered on their hips next to each other!

Oh, oh -- yet another dark-haired naked temptress has unwillingly surrendered to ropework! This time, the enticing nude is Jasmine Caro, who wages an unequal battle against a cross-ankled hogtie while rolling around on a couch; her eyes wide, Jasmine murmurs in cleave-gag-stifled indignation when she tilts onto her side and temporarily exposes her pussy!

Driven to contemptuous laughter by the audition of a grossly untalented actor, casting agents Amanda Tate and Casey Calvert later find themselves filling unwelcome roles in the disturbed performer's vengeful scenario! Trussed up naked, crotch-roped and tape-gagged, petite Casey and leggy Amanda cower next to each other in the corner as the madman rants. Before exiting, he transforms their bondage by roping the hapless girls facedown on the purple platform, their ankles hitched to the furniture so that Casey and Amanda are left to arch with futile vigor!

ID #: FB-406
Price: $25.00