Hollywood Damsel - DVD
58 Minutes, Two Models

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods! Starring Niki Lee Young and Alexis Taylor with Jon Woods and Lorelei

A gorgeous actress (Niki Lee Young) is nabbed on a movie studio lot by a crazed fan. The sexy blonde is spirited to a disused wardrobe storage warehouse where's she's bound hand and foot and gagged. Niki's captor accuses the actress of choosing roles where she's frequently in bondage, and he's got the footage from her shows to back up his allegations. In "California Empire," the lingerie- clad beauty is tricked into bondage by her boyfriend and left furious, hogtied and scarfgagged as part of his plan. Then the fan plays two scenes from "Sergeant Honcho." First, policewoman Niki is held as a handcuffed captive in her cop uniform, then she's bound, gagged and in trouble again when she goes undercover as an escort. Will Niki finally confess her not-so secret desire to be a Hollywood damsel?

Then Alexis Taylor is "The Wrong Damsel." Secretary Emma Clapsaddle (Alexis) is grabbed by mysterious villains who believe she's someone else. The bound babe tries to convince them they're mistaken, but they gag her instead and bare her huge breasts. When Emma is rescued, the federal agents explain that she was grabbed because of her uncanny resemblance to a number of government operatives. They offer her a job as a double, and next she's taken prisoner by a mad scientist who thinks she's a superheroine. Then the busty brunette finds herself as the hostage of the Felties, puppet-looking aliens who are bent on revenge on this "woman in black." How can she ever escape them?

ID #: JW-71
Price: $30.00