Gigi Allens: Realtor In Ropes - DVD
43 Minutes, One Model

When statuesque Gigi Allens scopes out a potentially lucrative piece of real estate, she encounters real problems with a bondage-loving lurker!

The house is empty and in need of extensive repairs, but ambitious realtor Gigi envisions a valuable property that will fatten her bank account. What she doesn't see is a large man in a hoodie waiting to seize her as soon as she enters the back door; her mouth cloth-stuffed and wrapped with microfoam, Gigi's immediately in big trouble! Once he has the stunned young woman bound, the predatory intruder pulls her down onto the apron of a marble fireplace, pries off her expensive pumps and greedily mouths her wriggling bare feet! A brief excursion by his hand under the top of Gigi's dress accurately foreshadows the shameless man's intentions!

No shoes, no dress, no chance for Gigi to escape once the naked realtor stands trussed and tethered to the vacant recreation room's wooden framework! Cleave- gagged Gigi writhes and protests as the breast-obsessed giant fondles her; when her resistance becomes too noisy, he layers duct tape over the cleave, then watches proudly while Gigi twists frantically in his ropework.

A narrow window of opportunity opens for Gigi after the hooded villain briefly releases her, then binds her wrists and chest but neglects her legs. When he looks away for a few seconds, tape-gagged Gigi races away in a burst of desperate energy and maintains a tenuous freedom until she's cornered in the master bedroom. Determined to convince Gigi that resistance is futile, the angry man utilizes a hogtie to send his message; alone on an expanse of white carpet, Gigi squirms frantically on her stomach!

Gigi's new best friend came well-prepared for his adventure, so he adds variety to her restraint by lodging an orange ball-gag between her lips. An abandoned desk becomes the site of Gigi's next harrowing experience as a nude DID; sitting bound on the edge of the desk, she drools in misery while the vicious creep enthusiastically examines her breasts! More significant immobility awaits Gigi after she's pushed back on the desk so that her legs can be folded by a waist- ankle tether.

The circle of jeopardy's complete when the hooded one brings his prized package back to the area where her ordeal began! After eagerly sampling Gigi's tits and toes one final time, he steps back and generously allows her a degree of privacy. Although she's efficiently bound and gagged, Gigi takes advantage of his temporary departure by rolling onto the wood parquet floor and slithering across it in an effort to reach the door she'd entered so optimistically mere hours before. But the master of ceremonies has been watching after all and looms threateningly above Gigi's rope-webbed nude body -- when she gazes up at him, however, a light flickers in her eyes that conveys emotions far from fearful submission!

ID #: HH-85