Grab And Bind Of Casey Calvert: Dominant Submission - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Aspiring dominatrix Casey Calvert receives an unforgettable lesson in submission from a merciless intruder!

After publicizing herself as sexy but demanding dominatrix, Casey eagerly awaits the arrival of the first "worm" who'll cringe at her feet. But instead a two- legged black snake slithers into her room and swiftly overpowers the astonished Casey; her corseted and black-stockinged little body oppressed with knotted coils of white rope and her lips spread by a black cleave, the dom girl's career is off to a shaky start! After seating Casey on her bed and yanking off her pumps, the hooded intruder binds her ankles, then peels down the corset and gropes her breasts while the bound and gagged Casey writhes in his clutches! Tossed onto the floor and tethered waist-to-ankle, the bewildered dom wannabe listens in disbelief as her unexpected visitor promises a crash course in subjugation.

The dark garments concealing Casey's pink flesh have vanished and their eminently un-dominant owner now rolls frogtied on a bed cleared of the forbidding implements she'd arranged when planning the chastisement of her first client. Only one remains, a strap wielded by Casey's nemesis to tease her nipples and emphasize the spread-legged arrangement that highlights her blatantly naked pussy! When the tape-gagged nude rolls onto her stomach, new humiliation ensues after the enthusiastic punisher introduces Casey to bastinado; once her soles are tingling, Casey's bottom becomes the strap's disciplinary target!

Despite the formidable difficulties imposed on her, Casey's summoned reserves of defiance, but the cracks begin to emerge in her courageous facade when the intrusive duo of Crotch-rope and Ball-gag star on the stage of her naked body! Balancing barefoot in a web of bondage hung from above, Casey can't help trembling whenever black boots echo on the hardwood floor and insensitive hands reach out to stroke her tender flesh! And if the weary young enterpreneur has any doubt remaining who's in control of her body, it disappears when her legs are folded up on a chair so that she can assume the classic position of submission on her knees.

It's time to spread Casey's legs again and now she'll find it difficult to close them because her ankles and thighs are tied separately to the legs of a wooden chair. Casey's becoming meeker by the moment but just in case she feels like voicing objections to another round of nipple-tweaking, a wad of black cloth held in place by a thin white cleave will succesfully interfere with her verbal dissension. But why should Casey complain when she's been supplied with a friendly vibrator tied against her clit to keep her company? Her eyelids quivering and torso arching, Casey momentarily leaves the harsh world of oppression behind -- but she can't escape for long!

She doesn't foresee the full extent of her plight as she sits on the edge of a dining table, but Casey's about to become the main course in a feast for two sadistic eyes hidden behind the hood! Bound simply but securely and gagged with duct tape, the dominatrix in is powerless to resist when she's removed from her perch and rolled onto her stomach so she can grovel in that ultimate demonstration of physical disfunction, the hogtie! Stung by contemptuous laughter at her awkward situation, toe-tied Casey futilely arches the rope- imprisoned body she can no longer call her own. And when she's finally released from her ordeal by rope, the woman who once imagined men cringing before her now kneels in abject nudity and promises eternal obedience to the one who's dissolved her will!

ID #: KD-82