Each Woman Was Bound And Gagged - DVD
56 Minutes, Seven Models

When Carol Luna's friendliness at the office becomes obsessive and alarming, Niki Lee Young asks Carol to back off. But the unbalanced brunette instead stuns Niki by invading her home and turning her into a trussed-up toy! Once the fearful blonde secretary's roped to a chair with her legs spread wide, Carol gags her with a black cleave, then opens her neat white blouse to expose her breasts! After teasing Niki's nipples, lustful Carol pulls up her red skirt and yanks off her pumps so she can play with Niki's pantyhosed feet!

Peacefully at work in the office, statuesque secretary Ashley Rose is rudely interrupted by a skull-masked intruder who thrusts a strip of knotted black cloth between her lips, then makes her kneels barefoot on the floor so he can finish binding her! Gagged, bound and bare-breasted, Ashley rolls on the floor while the strange figure breaks into her laptop. When Ashley's co-worker Kaci Lane stumbles onto the chaotic scene, she's also subdued; before leaving, the masked man tethers both girls on their hips, then bids them farewell by fondling Ashley's breasts and tickling Kaci's bare soles!

Jasmine Caro had planned to wow'em at the office with her tightly clinging red dress and platform shoes, but sexy Jasmine is staying home from work today instead. Her beautiful body controlled by white rope coiled around the red dress, her lush lips sealed with duct tape, Jasmine sits in disbelief on the edge of a wooden chest! Later, the shoes vanish and Jasmine's ankles are tied wide apart; she's left to squirm in humiliating restraint after her pantyhose are ripped to expose her pussy!

Busty blonde Cameron Dee successfully frees herself from the flimsy bondage of a sloppy henchman who doesn't even bother to gag her! But feisty Cameron is out of luck when the boss burglar's efficient ropework pins her to a futon and a double cleave-gag muffles the indignant protests after her breasts are bared!

Seated on her bed as she prepared to leave for work, junior executive Gigi Allens receives a shocking surprise when a woman's voice orders her to blindfold herself and lie facedown on her bed! Gigi's quickly tied hand and foot, and a knotted white cleave-gag's added to the blindfold; while Gigi writhes on her stomach, she can hear the woman removing papers from her briefcase. Unsatisfied that Gigi's sufficiently immobilized, the sneaky spy hogties her; after she's gone, Gigi rolls about on the bed and loses blindfold and shoes but fails to escape the ropework's embrace!

When Chloe Amour refuses to move in with her boyfriend, the desperate man unleashes a scheme to convince Chloe that she lives in a dangerous neighborhood! Just home from work, sweet Chloe's confronted by a burglar who seats her in bondage on an antique wooden trunk; as Chloe whimpers through a knotted black cleave, he bares and fondles her breasts!

ID #: SB-125