Naked Bondage Temptations - DVD
56 Minutes, Eleven Models

Amanda Tate's willing to do just about anything to get her hands on Summer Brielle's astonishing naked body, so why not set up as a masseuse? When Summer reacts indignantly to Amanda's overly enthusiastic massage, the lustful lady's ready with rope; bound to the massage table, her mouth stuffed and taped, the buxom nude writhes and squeals while Amanda realizes her fantasies! After fondling and mouthing Summer's breasts, the lust-crazed lovely climaxes her hands- on outburst by playing a vibrator against the clit of her ambushed client!

Amanda's outrageous enterprise falls apart when her supervisor interferes and makes it possible for Summer to literally turn the table on her obsessed admirer. A vengeful gleam in her eye, Summer gropes Amanda with shameless gusto while her powerless tormentor moans resentfully through a layered cleave-gag! Summer emphatically punctuates her domination by pressing her massive breasts against Amanda's modestly-endowed chest before guiding the vibrator on a buzzing journey between the humiliated masseuse's spread legs!

Proving that bondage can be the source of sensual delight, a naked and baby- oiled Chloe Amour stands consensually blindfolded and bound to a stair- railing. Chloe exults when unseen hands toy with her nipples, then undulates pleasurably in confining ropework after her blindfold's removed and a ball-gag strapped between her lips!

There's a kind of dark magic at work that transforms three smiling nude sunbathers at the edge of a swimming pool into a trio of trussed-up and cleave- gagged strugglers! It's a diverse trio consisting of an Amazonian blonde (Ashley Rose), a classic California beach girl (Lena Shelby), and a diminutive newcomer (Kaci Lane); they're united by the ropework suddenly restraining them as they writhe side-by-side and splash the pool's placid water with bound legs! Wearied by their vigorous resistance, all three curl up submissively on their hips but continue to squirm as they try to comprehend their strange predicament!

Even after alluring nude Jasmine Caro's tied up, then silenced with mouth stuffing secured by a wraparound gag, she's anything but a passive DID! Energetic Jasmine twists and writhes on the carpeted floor, wriggles her way onto and off a couch, then painstakingly works her way to the door, where her bare toes unsuccessfully embrace the doorknob!

If you could see nothing but Ariana Grand's wide dark eyes, you'd immediately know she was in trouble. And the trouble is serious for enticing Ariana, who sits barefoot on the floor with her back against the wall, her white minidress pressed against the curves of her body with black rope and her soft mouth muffled with a black cleave! Ariana attempts to whimper a warning when best friend Gigi Allens enters the door, but Gigi's swiftly snared; within minutes, the tall blonde and small brunette stand next to each other naked, tautly roped and ball-gagged! Nearly complete immobility arrives when the bound and gagged pair are seated on the floor with Ariana's legs stretched over Gigi's lap and her little bare feet tethered to the taller woman's knee ropes.

ID #: FB-407