Look How Those Bound And Gagged Girls Struggle - DVD
56 Minutes, Ten Models

Surprise, surprise -- as the bathroom door slowly opens, there's a sight to delight any connoisseur of bound beauty! Standing side-by-side are curvaceous little Phoebe Queen and blonde glamour-girl Charlotte Stokely; the nude girls' arms are pinioned with rope that frames their breasts and their lips are spread by cloth stuffing visible through the semi-transparent tape that covers their mouths! The heartless man for whom this tableau's been staged appreciates Phoebe and Charlotte's pathetic undulations, but suggests that the bedroom would be a more appropriate environment in which to view them. After they obediently scurry from the bathroom, the unwilling bondage starlets sit on the edge of a bed with their ankles and knees tied before rolling back-to-back onto the bedcover with Phoebe's breasts and toe-tied feet most prominently displayed!

What chance does tiny blonde nude Staci Carr have to escape from her towering dominator, who mouth-stuffs and tape-gags Staci as she stands bound and trembling next to him? The crotch-roped cutie balances on slender bare feet until she's lowered to the floor and constricted on her hip by a taut waist-ankle tether. Twisting in the oppressive ropework, Staci murmurs nervously while her eloquent eyes beg the ruthless man for release that he's not about to grant!

It's a bewildering day in the backyard for girlfriends Amanda Tate and Summer Brielle, who've been turned into life-sized bondage dolls by a faceless puppet- master! Their unclothed torsos wound with rope and their mouths taped, Amanda and Summer walk unsteadily through the grass until they reach a poolside bar where their legs are tied. The bound nudes balance uneasily until a shared waist- rope thrusts them face-to-face and they're tethered to the metal structure. Intimidated by their vulnerable situation, Summer and Amanda meekly obey strident commands by the voyeur controlling them to press their breasts together as they bestow tape- gagged kisses on each other!

A lamentable mismatch ensues when Amazonian cat-burglar Gigi Allens overpowers petite Ariana Grand and subjects her to the prowler's kinky desires! Once wide-eyed Ariana stands bound to the stair-railing in her diaphanous nighty and panties, Gigi efficiently stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals her lips with duct tape. As Ariana whimpers, the masked beauty plays with her exposed breasts and menaces her small bare feet with gleaming spiked heels, then playfully yanks down Ariana's panties before returning to her light-fingered mission. Gigi's arrogantly certain that her plaything will still be squirming in secure restraint when she returns but a shocking surprise awaits her instead! (Watch cat-suited Gigi discover what it's like to play the submissive role during her encounter with Ariana in CB-68!)

As Cameron Dee kneels bare-breasted and panty-clad on her bed, there's no doubt the brazen blonde is begging to be bound! And Cameron's hopes are quickly fulfilled by a pair of ropes that pin her wrists and ankles together, while another winds above and below her breasts. A mouth-filling black cleave gag that pushes Cameron's lush lips apart limits her vocal output to dramatic gasps as she twists on her knees, then drops onto her stomach to kick up her shapely bare feet!

Ashley Rose savors the sight of a nude Lena Shelby sitting tied to a chair and tape-gagged; she's inspired both by Lena's rope-bound allure and the expectation of the cash that will soon arrive to purchase her freedom! And when Lena's courageous friend Kaci Lane brings the ransom, she quickly joins her in bare-skinned bondage while a gloating Ashley prepares to abscond with the ill-gotten gain. But Ashley's devious partner has no intention of sharing the loot, so over the busty bad girl's objections, he turns the pair of bound and gagged nudes into a noisy struggling trio! Stripped and trussed, Ashley writhes indignantly while Lena and Casey eye her contemptuously as they strain against their bonds.

ID #: FB-408