Ropes And Gags Complete Your Costume - DVD
54 Minutes, Eight Models

At first, the costume conflict between dark-haired sorceress Casey Calvert and sexy student Amanda Tate looks shockingly one-sided, with Amanda roped on her back to the purple platform, her legs spread and a ball-gag between her lips! Casey has it all her way as she slips off Amanda's shoes and tickles her bare soles, then pops her breasts free of the plaid top so she can fondle them as the slender blonde squeals! But an intruder spoils Casey's fun by making her part of the bound and struggling package; straddled on top of Amanda's thighs, the subjugated sorceress now writhes barefoot and ball-gagged herself while the onlooker savors the sight of his creation.

When hot maid Charlotte Stokely convinced adorable harem girl Phoebe Queen to sneak away from the crowded costume party, she was looking forward to some sweet makeout time. Instead, they had the bad luck to be present when burglars came calling and their cuddling was detoured into roped and gagged struggling! While seated on a couch, the gal-pals mumble to each other through knotted cleaves, then clever Phoebe attempts to undo Charlotte's ankle bonds with her bare toes! But all efforts to free themselves end in failure and the heroines end their evening by huddling together and wriggling on the floor.

Beautiful but bratty, Staci Carr pays a stiff price for her insolent behavior! Kneeling on a low platform in her white blouse and plaid skirt, Staci angrily submits to the tan coils binding her torso and ankles as well as the vertical rope and chain holding her in thrall! As her harsh discipline continues, Staci's feet and breasts are bared and the once defiant girl drools in embarrassment thanks to the ball-gag inserted between her lips!

Bound and gagged barmaid Cameron Dee never stops struggling, although she never actually gets very close to freeing herself. Cameron first shows up as she's bouncing down the staircase in her colorful costume; wrists and ankles tied, gagged with mouth-stuffing and semi-transparent tape, the busty blonde manages to roll close to the front door, where she slips out of her pumps and stretches her stockinged toes up to the doorknob. Caught in the act, Cameron's returned to the stairs and restrained with her legs spread wide by thigh ropes hitched to the railings; a single coil intrudes on her pantyhosed pussy! Despite her awkward position, bare-breasted Cameron continues to battle her bondage with admirable but futile energy.

Cat-burglar Gigi Allens realized her predatory fantasies by toying with bound plaything Ariana Grand (see Gigi's dominant performance in FB- 408!). But thanks to a timely intrusion, Ariana's in charge now and she makes Gigi pay dearly for the humiliation she inflicted -- it's the bound blonde's turn to have her mouth stuffed and duct-taped! Kneeling barefoot before Ariana, Gigi can only squirm in frustration as the dark-haired giggler lies back on a couch and strokes the cat-suited body with her own naked feet. After removing Gigi's mask, Ariana reveals her inner bad girl by standing to pull the trussed-up burglar's hair and grope her vulnerably exposed breasts before abandoning the chastised villainess to roll about on the floor!

Stripper-nurse Amanda Tate gets in way over her head when she attempts to scam a bad man; to show his disappointment in her sketchy behavior, he stuffs her mouth and tape-gags her while Amanda teeters bound and fearful on her platform sandals! Balance doesn't remain a problem for Amanda after her shoes are removed and she's folded onto her hip while seated on a hardwood floor. The bare-breasted struggler rotates frantically in her restricted orbit but merely succeeds in revealing her white- stockinged soles and the rope seated snugly between her cheeks!

ID #: CB-68