Staci Carr: Journalist In Jeopardy - DVD
44 Minutes, One Model

Staci Carr wanted an important interview; instead, she received an unsettling initiation into roped and gagged servitude!

When ambitious reporter Staci Carr's offered an interview with a reclusive power broker, she can't resist the opportunity. Does she start having second thoughts when she's tape-gagged before being taken to the location of the interview? Or when the location turns out to be an empty house where she's tied to a chair?

Merely precaustions required by the interviewee, explains the towering intermediary who escorts her to the house -- but when he takes a phone call, then casually informs Staci that his boss will be delayed indefinitely, she must know that she's made a huge mistake!

Instead of an interview with an important man, Staci receives a harrowing introduction to naked bondage courtesy of her hooded host! Divested of her dress and underwear, the dazed Staci teeters on heeled sandals, her hands roped above her head to a wooden structure in the vacant house. Cleave-gagged Staci whimpers and attempts to twist away from the scammer when he ices her breasts, but despite her vigorous resistance, the slender blonde's trapped in the web of her own ambition!

Things couldn't get much worse for Staci, right? Wrong! A ball- gagged, rope- bound package of writhing nudity, the disillusioned journalist kneels on a chair tethered to the woodwork above her. Despite her struggling, Staci can't avoid the ice chips pressed against her breasts and soles by the strange character who's turned her life upside down; her uncontrollable drooling tinges Staci's vulnerability with humiliation!

Staci gets a break from the demands of standing or kneeling when she's transferred to a large empty room, tape-gagged and tied up on the carpet. But the change isn't all that pleasant for the beleaguered heroine because she's only been seated and energetically kicking up her feet for a few minutes when the addition of several more lengths of rope severely limits her mobility! Embraced by a ball-tie, a sadder but wiser Staci rolls awkwardly onto her side and silently curses the interview that she now knows will never happen.

When Staci walked tape-gagged into the house hours earlier, she had high hopes for a journalistic coup despite her peculiar situation. But the hope's vanished along with her clothing and now she lies on her stomach, wrists tied behind her back, ankles crossed and hitched to the handle of a glass door and her mouth hidden by microfoam tape wrapped around her blonde tresses! Before leaving, the creative evildoer who's conned Staci so successfully can't resist altering her restraint so that the unfortunate nude reporter's angry eyes follow him out the door as she arches in a hogtie!

ID #: HH-86