Bound, Taped, Bared, Spread - DVD
56 Minutes, Seven Models

Petite secretary Phoebe Queen's unable to greet housemate Charlotte Stokely on her return home because she's sitting bound and gagged in the corner; the panicked pair run after Charlotte releases her little friend, but can't escape bondage! Tied and tape-gagged on the counter, Phoebe looks fearfully down at the blonde businesswoman in restraint on the kitchen floor but soon joins her; tethered on their hips in stockinged feet, Charlotte and bare-breasted Phoebe wage an uneven war against oppressive ropework!

"So you guys like to see women tied up and gagged? Then you're all a bunch of creeps!" Sweet-faced but bitter-tongued, Staci Carr, founder and president of Women Opposed to Weirdos (WOW) courageously confronted bondage fans with her hostile evaluation. After thoughtful consultation, their response to her critique took the form of black ropes coiled around her small body and a black cleave gag lodged between her lips. Staci responded with understandable indignation, especially after her blouse was disarranged to achieve breast exposure and her stockinged feet tied several feet apart to spread her legs!

There's nothing quite like a wacky blonde to make life more interesting for a serious-minded brunette; case in point is the unusual encounter between Kelly Collins(the former) and Lexi Bloom(the latter). Kelly clearly has a crush on Lexi, who's neatly roped to a chair and gagged with duct tape; the moonstruck blonde wastes little time in liberating the squirming brunette secretary's breasts from her top and gleefully massaging them. But Kelly expends most of her Lexi-lust on the shocked young woman's pantyhosed feet, which she lovingly caresses, then tickles, then tongues as Lexi squeals!

Subdued by a female operative who desired access to her computer, delicate dark-haired data expert Whitney Westgate lay back on a futon with her bound wrists hitched above her head to its metal frame and her legs spread and pinioned. Whitney's brief objections were immediately stifled by cloth stuffing and duct tape by the intruder, who mined the computer, then tickled the wriggling girl's widely separated stockinged feet before pulling up her sweater for an interlude of creative nipple-tweaking!

Blackmail boomerangs on pinstriped predator Aria Spencer when her mark's enraged wife makes the greedy young lady wish she'd stuck to book- keeping! Gagged with duct tape, tightly bound and dumped on a lounge, the unnerved Aria vigorously tests her bonds but fails to escape a situation that's about to become considerably more unpleasant. The vengeful woman's anti- blackmail strategy begins with baring Aria's breasts and roping the seated subject's ankles on either side of the lounge so that her black pantyhosed legs are wide open. Then her camera records Aria's humiliation -- one that will be exposed to the world unless Aria swears off extortion!

A volatile internet troll is unbalanced by the verbal whipping he suffers from witty bloggers Ellery Corin and Phoebe Queen so he brings plenty of black rope and duct tape when he pays them an uninvited visit! Blonde and stylish Ellery is the first to be tied and silenced, but Phoebe soon sits next to her on the couch while the intruder gloats at his bound, gagged and bare- breasted foes. His rage vented, the egotistical jerk finally leaves -- but not before hogtying Ellery and Phoebe on a wooden coffee table where they arch miserably on their stomachs, stockinged feet kicking against restrictive ropes!

ID #: SB-126