Roped Up Damsels - DVD
44 Minutes, Seven Models

Tight top, tight jeans, tight ropes: Sara Liz's got 'em all, though she seems determined to shed the third element of her apparel. But they're clinging snugly to Sara's lithe frame and the knotted black cloth between her lush lips is drastically interfering with her ability to communicate as she bounces her way up and down the staircase! Spunky Sara's denied even that option after she's secured to a chair but she never stops struggling.

The fortunes of two hostile tough chicks soar and plunge in alternation when sizzling Courtney Taylor and smoking Amy Anderson battle for supremacy! First Amy smirks while tucking a lingeried, tied and tape-gagged Courtney under her bedspread, but the resilient blonde wipes the smile off Amy's face after she slips out of her bonds! Deprived of her clothing and shoes, the bosomy brunette writhes angrily in bondage as Courtney fondles her -- but her rival's triumph is short-lived! The outcome is humiliating restraint for two, with Amy and Courtney kneeling bound, gagged and bare-breasted together on the bed!

Adorable Phoebe Queen's in trouble again and the petite but busty lass makes an enticing DID! Minimally dressed in pink bra and panties, Phoebe sits bound in a chair, a cleave gag tied between her lips and a pair of glasses balanced on her nose! As Phoebe's struggles proceed, the glasses disappear and bare breasts emerge to rival pink-toed bare feet for mouth-watering allure!

It's a sure thing that Cassidy Klein won't be house-sitting for friends anytime soon again after an unpleasant experience during which feisty Cassidy's sweet dreams give way to a rope-and-duct-tape themed nightmare! Bare- skinned except for her panties, the gagged and trussed little brunette rolls around furiously on a mattress until a hogtie restricts her movements!

No top, jeans or any other garments for Sara now, but plenty of intimidating black rope coiled around her naked body plus a microfoam tape gag wrapped around her head! She also has a partner in , gorgeous Carol Luna, who writhes in tandem with Sara as the nude pair sit together on a wooden chest. Their plight becomes more arduous when Carol and Sara kneel face-to-face on a couch, an intrusive tether linked between their legs!

ID #: FB-410