Shayla's Shocking Bondage - DVD
44 Minutes, One Model

HOA President Shayla Laveaux has received numerous complaints about a property where large numbers of scantily-clad starlets come and go, and strange sounds waft from the backyard. So Shayla pays a surprise visit and harangues the contemptuous homeowner until she spots a strange apparatus hidden behind a wall of wooden screens. When the nosy woman rashly unveils the bondage horse, she unwittingly supplies her host with a perverse inspiration: Almost before you can say "DID", Shayla stands tied to the horse's wooden post and mumbles futile threats through the cleave-gag between her lips! She can hardly believe her ears when the creative producer informs her that she's going to be the star of a very special bondage scenario before he and his shady operation speedily relocate to another state. The incredulous MILF's outrage grows when her breasts are bared and her dress is hiked up to reveal her black panties -- but Shayla ain't seen nothin' yet!

Except for those panties, our harrassed heroine is appropriately clad for the role of Lady Godiva as she sits mostly bare on the back of the horse. That mythical British noblewoman, however, was never oppressed by the multitude of taut ropes pinning Shayla to the wood-and-leather beast, nor by the red ball between her lips that compels a drooling response! Immobilized naked soles prove too great a temptation for malicious fingers that reach out to provoke spasms of stifled laughter from ticklish Shayla!

Shayla's got plenty to say after she's bound to a chair and briefly left ungagged, but she's soon silenced when a substantial cloth wad's stuffed in her mouth and sealed with duct tape! Her mature allure's highlighted at first by rope- framed breasts, but they're rivaled by an experienced pussy when the humiliated Shayla's ankles are freed, only to be re-tied separately so that her legs are spread for voyeurs to enjoy!

A successful businesswoman, Shayla's proud that she stays in control of any situation she encounters. But it's difficult to pretend that you're in control when you're sitting naked and trussed-up on a narrow bench and your power of speech is drastically curtailed by coils of microfoam tape wrapped around your head! Needless to say, Shayla's morale doesn't improve when her restraint's altered to a hogtie, though enough indignation remains for the toe-tied busybody to arch with impressive vigor.

Time for the thrilling final scene of Shayla's first starring vehicle! She's elevated by her imaginative hosts onto a bed where she kneels naked, crotch- roped and tethered to a chain hanging from the rafters. Her eyes blazing above a colorful tape-gag, Shayla displays admirable spirit as she swings recklessly in semi- suspended bondage but fails to escape a final embarrassment when a vibrator's tied so it shares space with the crotch-rope against her clit! This moaning, writhing bound nude's a long stretch from the arrogant exec who entered the house a few hours before -- and she's less than happy to learn that she'll be left in her precarious position while her creative partners beat it out of town!

ID #: HH-87