Silencing Staci Carr - DVD
51 Minutes, Six Models

Staci Carr is about to spill some significant secrets when she's visited by a murky figure assigned to discourage her whistle-blowing tendencies. Surprised while she relaxes in bra and panties, petite blonde Staci's gagged with a white cleave, then pulled out of her armchair and trussed up with black rope! After she's tethered on her hip back in the chair, Staci squirms nervously when her bra's pulled down and her breasts fondled by the menacing man!

Just in case Staci hasn't gotten the message yet, she's deprived of her lingerie and roped up naked on the hardwood floor! As she sits with her back against the kitchen island, Staci's ball-gagged and treated to another round of uninvited nipple tweaking before the faceless thug leaves her to reconsider what she'll say once she can speak! Drooling and writhing in unforgiving ropework, the toe-tied little nude has a lot to think about!

What the hell are party girls Amy Anderson and Courtney Taylor up to as they sneak into an empty room with a pair of cheaply-reproduced paintings? Amy and Courtney believe that much more valuable art is hidden under the surfaces and they're about to abscond from their wealthy host's house with their prizes when co-conspirator Sara Liz returns with her piece. But the clever con-girls are in for a shock because when Sara shows up, she's bound and gagged! It's a condition that her friends soon share when all three sit chair-tied next to each other and listen wide-eyed as the seemingly naive host gloats at his triumph. He's aware that the trussed-up trio's been employed by a rival who'll have to pay big dollars to get them back -- and when their boss is reluctant to pay up, Amy, Courtney and Sara experience more intense restraint when their cleave-gags give way to mouth stuffing and white tape, and they're folded into waist-to- ankle- tethered nude bondage on the floor!

Chloe Amour's never looked more enticing than when her bound nude body writhes in the clutches of kinky sorceress Kendra James! First tied down onto a narrow black platform in her summery dress and sandals, Chloe's powerless to prevent predatory Kendra from stuffling black cloth in her mouth and sealing her lips with black tape, then removing her shoes and clothing! Once Chloe's bare-skinned, Kendra savors the pleasures of tickling the squirming beauty's bare feet, teasingly massaging her pussy and caressing her breasts! (Watch Chloe get imaginative payback at Kendra's expense in CB-69 below!)

Staci's sweet little body has a magnetic attraction for rope and now her brunette pal Savannah Fyre's entangled alongside her! Once again bound in black, Staci stands uneasily balanced on her small bare feet; entwined in brown cord, Savannah completes the mirror- image bondage pair. Microfoam tape-gags muffle high-pitched whimpers as they try to communicate; when they show too much mobility, Staci and Savannah are transferred to wooden chairs, where they're emphatically tied down with both back and ankle tethers!

ID #: FB-411