Tied Up Costume Heroines - DVD
46 Minutes, Seven Models

An aura of peace pervades the room as Carol Luna and Sara Liz smoothly move from one challenging position to another during their exercise routine. But the peace is smashed when Sara's rival yoga mentor strikes back at her for stealing clients like Carol! Bound into lotus ties and cleave-gagged, the astonished women gasp in disbelief when the hostile woman exposes their breasts; with cruel humor, she completes her revenge by bowing Carol and Sara into hogties on the hardwood floor!

Costume party incursions make for odd pairings, well exemplified by poodle- skirted blonde cutie Staci Carr and chambermaid-in-fishnets Savannah Fyre. Staci and Savannah barely knew each other before becoming sisters in bondage, but as Staci's eyeglasses and Savannah's pumps fade away, and the hard-working maid uses her stockinged toes to pluck at the time- traveling girl's wrist bonds, a relationship begins to develop. It's a friendship confirmed by the shared experience of rolling around uncomfortably on the floor while squealing for help that takes hours to arrive!

There once were complaints that housewives were tied to their kitchens but it's rare to find such a literal example as that of Prinzzess Felicity Jade, a demure homebody who's most efficiently chairbound! This attractive hausfrau is no complainer, but she's gagged with a knotted white cloth just in case she decides to mouth off. As a modest homemaker, the Prinzzess is mortified when a torn dress permits her breasts to protrude and shoes slipped off during her struggles uncover her pantyhosed feet!

She's not on a conventional battlefield, but Colonel Candle Boxx finds herself in a tight situation when enemy agents turn the sexy soldier into gagged and bound exchange bait! Aggressive as ever, Candle thrashes about furiously on a bed in her uniform and heels and refuses to surrender even after her unorthodox cleave is replaced by a duct-tape gag and she's hogtied! With her shoes slipped off, Candle arches alluring feet veiled in RH&T-stockings that are apparently not standard military issue.

Kendra James indulged her depraved desires when Chloe Amour was her bondage toy, but now she pays the price for illicit pleasure! Bound and ball-gagged, Kendra kneels on a bed in her magical gown and heels -- but not for long because payback-hungry Chloe quickly goes to work by stripping off the angry sorceress's shoes, pulling down her panties and baring her breasts! Chloe's dominant side emerges when she tweaks crotch-roped Kendra's nipples, then swings the wide- eyed woman forward on her rope-and- chain support system!

ID #: CB-69