Bare-Breasted Pawns In Bondage - DVD
46 Minutes, Seven Models

It was nothing personal when the agency operative utilized rope and duct tape to keep wide-eyed fashion entrepreneurs Carol Luna and Sara Liz incommunicado while he carried out a vital mission in their apartment! How did Carol and Sara wind up bare-breasted and barefoot? The spy's not talking!

When a curious visitor morphed into a predatory thief, mini-museum curator Kendra James was left trussed up and squirming on the floor in angry humiliation, her breasts exposed and a thick black cloth tied between her lips!

Penny-pinching businesswoman Amy Anderson thought she could work an angle and short-change her hard-working furniture mover. Amy saved a few bucks but ended up bound, gagged and bare-breasted on top of her sofa, where she squirmed in frustration while the mover watched with a smile on his face!

Timid secretary Cassidy Klein kept warning her boss that the cash- filled safe in their office was a robbery magnet, but he didn't believe her until he found cleave- gagged Cassidy wriggling in bare-breasted bondage on the floor next to an empty safe!

Why did petite secretaries Phoebe Queen and Sara Luvv find themselves roped to chairs with chunks of cloth in their mouths? Because people who don't like their boss decided to send a message by disheveling the neatly-dressed office- workers and turning Phoebe and Sara into bare-breasted pawns in bonds!

ID #: SB-127