Sisterhood Of The Struggling Nudes - DVD
50 Minutes, Two Models

Rival sisters Amanda Tate and Ryan Ryans intend to compete for wealth but they bond in bondage instead!

Soon after entering the ancestral mansion, Amanda and Ryan find a message challenging them to contend for the family fortune in a contest to begin the following day. Weary from long hours of traveling, they head for bed -- but they won't be resting for long! It seems that the unusual family contest has been hijacked by Hood Man, who pounces on Amanda as she s; propelled into consciousness, she attempts to resist but the man in black cleave-gags and binds her! After brazenly fondling Amanda's breasts, he hitches her ankles to the chest ropework and leaves her rolling on the bed while he leaves to visit Ryan!

Ryan receives her wake-up call in the form of a ball-gag tied between her lips! Still half- a, she kneels on the bed while Hood Man ties her wrists, then coils rope around her arms. Once her ankles are bound, Ryan squirms as she's treated to crude breast handling, and writhes in folded restraint when she's tethered wrist-to-ankle!

Amanda and Ryan are reunited as bound nudes perched on long- legged wooden chairs and facing a challenge unlike any they ever expected! Twisting uneasily in luxuriant ropework and murmuring through duct-tape gags, the unhappy sisters apprehensively eye Hood Man while he hovers menacingly over them! Bound breasts once again shrink from the touch of his insolent hands -- but Amanda and Ryan's ticklish bare soles also fall prey to wandering fingers!

Lowered onto the floor, Ryan and Amanda sit side-by-side with their legs stretched out before them and crossed at the ankles. Hood Man mockingly encourages them to free themselves; to encourage the trussed-up nudes, he rubs ice chips against their bodies, predictably paying most attention to their nipples and foot-bottoms as they squeal through microfoam gags! Maneuvering awkwardly in bondage, Amanda and Ryan work energetically at loosening their ropes, but it's not long before they sprawl in desperation on the carpet!

Fresh humiliation lies in store for the naked sisters as they stand bound and crotch-roped after their mouths are stuffed and duct-taped! Handling them like gorgeous life-size puppets, Hood Man rotates their bodies face-to-face so that Amanda and Ryan's breasts are thrust together and their tape-gags meet in a grotesque parody of kissing! Confident in his control of the stunned sisters, the man whose heart is as black as his garments leaves them balancing bound-ankled, their only support rope connections to an overhead chain. Ryan and Amanda have always competed with each other but they now must work feverishly in cooperation to escape their common !

ID #: HH-88
Price: $25.00