Bondage Potpourri - DVD
46 Minutes, Seven Models

Curiosity can be hazardous -- just ask Cali Logan and Anastasia Black, who couldn't resist prying into the secrets of an old friend when she came to visit. When they thought Eden was out of the house, they took the scrapbook she'd carefully guarded and opened it, then were stunned to find it filled with pictures of women in bondage! Astonishment turned to apprehension when Eden returned unexpectedly and turned Cali and Anastasia into her latest scrapbook entries! Their naked bodies tightly bound, their eyes wide above duct-tape gags, the inquisitive pair first sat side-by-side on the couch as Eden went to work with her camera. To vary the imagery, Eden then arranged her squirming friends on the floor, tethered waist-to-ankle on their hips, where Anastasia and Cali continued to struggle long after she walked out the door with her scrapbook and a smile on her face!

Charlotte Stokely was so excited by the blind date that she wore her new blue dress -- but when the date went terribly wrong, the dress became the background for lengths of white ropes criss-crossing it! Gagged with a white cleave, Charlotte struggled desperately in a ball-tie as the man she'd had such hopes for toyed with her bare feet, then showed off his strength by using a rope handle to lift her off the floor!

When Staci Carr heard strange sounds in the house, she should have barri- caded herself in the bathroom where she'd gone to take a shower; instead, she threw on a towel and walked into a knotty situation! Curled up in ropes on her couch, Staci continued to protest until her voice was stifled with cloth packing and white tape. Unwilling to admit defeat, Staci wriggled around on the couch, baring her breasts but unable to escape from the ropes controlling her!

You can't blame Feisty little Cassidy Klein for protesting her treatment: she's standing naked, bound and crotch-roped! But when Cassidy makes too much noise, her mouth is stuffed with cloth and covered with duct tape. Then towering Scarlett Fever appears and helps herself to handfuls of the writhing girl's vulnerable flesh; Scarlett places an exclamation point on her domination by tickling Cassidy's tiny soles as she kneels on a chair!

It's the middle of the night when y Ryan Ryans hears a strange noise. When she follows the sounds to their source, she's shocked to find trussed-up and tape-gagged housemate Aubrey Star writhing on the futon in her bra and panties! Ryan, dressed in only a short red silk robe, is invited to join the party and quickly finds herself seated next to Aubrey; soon, both girls are bare-breasted and toe-tied. The guests Aubrey unwisely invited into their home end the alarming visit by leaving the girls seated toe-to- toe on the futon, their legs hobbled.

ID #: FB-413