Phoebe's Bound Adventure - DVD
47 Minutes, Five Models

It's a pleasant peaceful morning as Phoebe Queen relaxes in a robe and lingerie at her dining table after breakfast -- but that's about to drastically change! Seemingly out of nowhere, a hooded man in black appears and seizes little Phoebe; yanked to her feet and gagged with a black cloth, the dazed girl attempts to resist but can't prevent her hands being tied behind her! Phoebe's arms are pinned to her body by several more strands of rope, then she's lifted onto the table and her ankles tied! After a final connection that pulls her knees close to her chest, Phoebe sits squirming on the tabletop -- until the menacing figure returns to carry her away!

Phoebe's room-mate Sara Luvv has been taking it even easier, still slumbering until she's finally roused by the strange sounds from downstairs. When she walks down to investigate, however, Sara's quickly in the clutches of the hooded oppressor! Petite as Phoebe, she's ruthlessly overpowered, gagged with duct tape and trussed up, then seated on a wooden chest, her legs also tethered to her body! The villainous intruder deals with Sara in a bolder fashion than Phoebe by disheveling her nighty and fondling her breasts; after writhing in futility, she's carried off to a rendezvous with Phoebe!

Two luscious little room-mates, two exquisite naked bodies subdued by rope! Tape- gagged and crotch-roped, Phoebe and Sara stand side-by-side with the puppetmaster behind them tugging on their bonds! Deaf to their whimpering pleas, he rotates them so that the nude friends are thrust breast-to-breast and gag-to-gag! Next they're turned back-to-back and ordered to fondle each others' bottoms, then Phoebe and Sara have their endurance tested when the bound girls must stand on tiptoe until the villain is satisfied by their obedience! Long after he's gone and they've freed themselves, Sara and Phoebe will remain mystified by this bizarre intrusion into their lives!

Welcome back Cali Logan to a compelling role that finds our casually-clothed damsel in cleave-gagged and tied to a wooden chair! Fetching in bra, jeans and sandals, Cali expresses understandable alarm with her wide brown eyes and struggles vigorously against ropework that's simply too much for her to handle! As she tries to yank loose the tether hitching her to the chair, Cali's small bare feet kick free of the sandals, but it's a malicious intruder who angers the spunky heroine by folding down the bra to expose a pair of jutting breasts!

It doesn't take more than an instant to see that Lena Shelby and Alexa Grace are a pair of pretty blondes in deep trouble! Both naked, rope-bound and silenced with microfoam gags, they sit several feet apart; Alexa's tethered to the couch where she's seated while Lena's similarly linked to a lounge chair. You can't blame the anxious girls for trying to make their escape, but when their efforts are discovered, the pay for their defiance with hogties! Now Alexa's lithe, long-legged body contorts on the couch while Lena arches hopelessly on the lounge!

ID #: FB-414