The Bondage Bachelor - DVD
44 Minutes, Two Models

Bondage-loving temptresses Gigi Allens and Casey Calvert are the two finalists in an unconventional dating contest -- is it possible they both could be bound for failure?

When the Bondage Bachelor reveals his fetish interest to Gigi and Casey, they both declare their love for bound and gagged submission! It's going to be tough choosing between them but the Bachelor takes the first step by having them sit at his feet in roped restraint. Gorgeous in a skin-tight top and short skirt, Gigi's gagged with her own panties, while Casey's sweetly alluring in a red dress that matches her ball-gag! The rivals both wear high heels that reveal neatly pedicured feet and each wriggles seductively on the floor after their potential partner leaves to watch them at a distance.

The Bachelor still can't make up his mind so he devises another test for them in which Gigi and Casey will alternate as doms and subs! Gigi volunteers to go first and begins to regret her impetuosity when she sits naked on the couch, more rigorously bound than before and gagged with duct tape. Casey's hesitant at first, aware that her opponent will have the opportunity to play with her, but Gigi's buxom nudity proves too tempting. Soon the little brunette, also naked, is eagerly tweaking her struggling rival's nipples, then mischievously sits back and presses her small bare feet against Gigi's breasts and face. Casey's dominant role comes to a striking conclusion after she rolls the trussed-up blonde onto her lap, where she briefly tantalizes Gigi's tempting bare soles, then gives her a good spanking!

Naturally, Gigi's aching for payback so she wastes no time in letting Casey know who's in charge; back in her high heels but still nude, she towers over the strictly roped and tape-gagged Casey, who stands trembling in her grasp! After after roughly handling the smaller woman's chest and returning spank for spank, Gigi tosses Casey onto the couch, where her petite soles receive a fingernail tribute! The tickling doesn't last long, but Casey probably wishes it had when Gigi gleefully stretches out her legs so she can maneuver her sizeable soles against the pinioned girl's rope- bound breasts and duct-taped mouth!

Because Gigi and Casey have both performed impressively while reversing roles, it's still impossible for the Bachelor to choose one over the other! Since they've already competed ruthlessly against each other, he wonders if watching them try to work together might help him decide who his partner will be. So, still naked and tape- gagged, they're tied back-to-back in wooden chairs and tasked with cooperating to escape from bondage. Casey and Gigi still have plenty of energy left, so they expend it by rotating their chairs and twisting their bound bodies into proximity and pressing their taped mouths together. But as he watches this luscious pair of bondagettes squirm at his command, the Bachelor simply can't make the decision to prefer Gigi over Casey or vice versa!

Trying to choose between two kink-loving beauties is driving the Bachelor up the wall so he decides to take a break and get some fresh air. But he does promise Casey and Gigi that he'll finally make the decision when he returns; in the meantime, he leaves them seated on the floor wrapped in rope and gagged with microfoam. At first, the competitive nudes have the luxury of enjoying their bondage; they writhe sensually and direct gag-muffled "I'll be the winner!" remarks back and forth. When the Bachelor reappears, however, his stunning words cause Gigi and Casey to roll in desperation on the hardwood!

ID #: HH-89