Naked Captives - DVD
43 Minutes, Seven Models

Slinky Lena Shelby pays a visit to Alexa Grace's apartment but it's hardly a sociable one. Roped-up naked on a lounge and gagged with duct tape, leggy Alexa sits nervously while Lena phones a criminal comrade, then turns her attention to the bound blonde. Mean Lena enjoys Alexa's wide-eyed whimpering while her breasts are being fondled, then turns the squirming girl on her stomach and hitches her ankles to the back of the lounge! After subjecting Alexa's bare soles to a brief tickling bout, Lena slips away but her unwilling hostess has no such luck with her ropework!

A very different scenario unfolds when Lena allows kinky girlfriend Alexa to tie her up; Lena quickly tires of their game but Alexa's just getting started! As Lena stands naked and tied to the stair-railing, Alexa gags her protesting partner with duct tape. Towering over the small nude girl, Alexa enacts her fantasies of domination by teasing Lena's nipples and swatting her bottom! When the high-heeled dominatrix leaves to prepare a final surprise, Lena writhes in desperation but is still pinned to the railing when Alexa returns!

Gang groupies Anastasia Black and Elektra Rose encounter the sinister side of their life-style when a paranoid bad guy finds them texting. Divested of their bras and panties and tied up, Anastasia and Electra beg to be released but instead receive mouth packing and tape-gags! Seated side-by-side, the bound and gagged nudes eye their surroundings apprehensively; their situation doesn't improve when they lie face-down with their ankles tethered to the legs of the platform where they're displayed. Both struggle vigorously but petite Electra's arching is especially impressive.

You've watched enchanting Phoebe Queen play the DID role to perfection; now enjoy the sight of naked little Phoebe having fun with her bondage! First kneeling bound and cleave-gagged on a bed, the playful girl wears nothing but glasses as she sways seductively! Then the glasses disappear and Phoebe rolls on her tummy and kicks up her arching bare feet while her arousal mounts!

Cassidy Klein is short and dark-haired; Scarlett Fever is tall and light- haired. But they do have a few important features in common -- they're both naked, bound and gagged! First seated side-by-side on a wooden chest, Cassidy and Scarlett try to communicate with each through the microfoam gags tied around their heads, then cooperate in attempting to loosen their ropework. But their efforts end in disappointment when they're hogtied and left to struggle on the hardwood floor!

ID #: FB-415