Bondage Happens - DVD
47 Minutes, Seven Models

Mystery novelist Cali Logan and her assistant Anastasia Black encounter the s of success when a crazed intuder accuses Cali of stealing his brilliant story ideas. Seemingly endless coils of tan rope subdue wide-eyed women clothed in white tops and dark skirts, then wind down to hobble their pantyhosed legs and feet! Gagged with white tape, Cali and Anastasia listen in alarm after the disturbed individual tethers them to a table and rants at the bare- breasted beauties!

Gorgeous fashion blogger Ryan Ryans certainly didn't expect to spend the day tied up in the bathroom, but after thieves find her hiding there, Ryan's unceremoniously tied up and gagged. First standing hitched to a towel-rack, she's later lowered onto the floor, where the indignant young woman struggles barefoot and bare-breasted, her legs folded by a tether!

She knew the venture would be hazardous, but when Alexa Grace tries to swipe some embarrassing documents to get a friend off the hook, she finds herself in a shockingly unpleasant position. Before being released with a severe warning, lovely and long-legged Alexa would stand barefoot, bound and tape-gagged, blouse pulled open to reveal her breasts and skirt yanked up so that a crotch-rope would enjoy humiliating access to her pussy!

It's the sort of picture you'd expect to find in the arts section of a community newspaper: a pretty young woman neatly attired in sweater, slack and heels proudly holding a family heirloom. But after Prinzzess Felicity Jade loses her battle to prevent the theft of that sculpture, she's left gagged and trussed on the floor, her breasts exposed and shoes removed!

Sneaky Savannah Fyre bound and gagged innocent little blonde Staci Carr, then laughed at her as she struggled on the floor! But guess what, Savannah -- you're soon going to be squirming next to Staci with a knotted cleave in your angry mouth and breasts as bare as hers!

ID #: SB-128